Financial system implementation


Financial system implementation

Business leads. Technology follows.

It takes a lot more than technological know-how to implement effective financial systems.

It also requires a deep understanding of all aspects of the Finance function—and of the business itself. Deloitte’s Financial System Implementation Solution Set helps Finance leaders mitigate risk while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of financial statements and internal controls.

Finance overall systems design

Assess existing Finance systems. Define new systems requirements and select appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Systems risk and security design

Design and implement a systems control strategy that supports cost-effective management of operational, financial, and regulatory compliance risk. Design and implement security approaches to protect the integrity of financial information and enforce controls.

Tax systems design

Determine/Analyze tax alignment points during selection, design, and implementation of financial systems. Incorporate tax-sensitized data and legal-entity reporting into system design.

Data and information cleansing

Define appropriate level of data management and data quality to support business needs. Design and implement data management programs. Develop information governance strategy and related standards. Institute data quality improvements to support an effective systems implementation.

Workforce transition and learning

Develop and implement Finance workforce transition and change management plans to maintain business continuity. Prepare employees to effectively work in the new environment by delivering information, tools, and training.

Indirect tax configuration

Evaluate global indirect tax systems, process, and procedures. Develop tax data standards to automate tax calculations, return preparation, and management reporting

Implementation/program management

Manage system implementation. Develop policies and procedures and define roles and responsibilities for an effective implementation.