African construction trends report 2013


Deloitte on Africa

African Construction Trends Report

The world is hard at work on the African infrastructure masterpiece. The continent is being molded and shaped to raise infrastructure in a bid for greater selfsufficiency and global competitiveness. New energy generation hubs are being forged. Transport corridors are being built with a view to better integrate regional trade and basic water infrastructure is being invested in. In addition, telecommunications connections are being strengthened and expanded and development is beginning to touch the commercial property sector.


Exhibiting six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, the breadth and depth of African construction activity over the past years has ushered in a growth era. The benefits of such high growth can, however only be sealed once projects are commissioned and consistently maintained.

The survey "Deloitte on Africa – African Construction Trends Report 2013" intends to shed light on:

  • construction trends for each zone of the African continent: North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, South Africa and Central Africa
  • the industries which will be impacted by the investments
  • the involvement of DFIs (Development Finance Institutions)
  • the major projects for each region
  • the involvement of international economic actors in the projects 
African construction trends 2013