Litigation and dispute consulting services


Litigation and dispute consulting services

Creating resilience and advantage

Where others may see only complexity, Deloitte litigation and dispute consulting professionals see opportunities for resilience and long-term advantage. With a demonstrated track record, we serve leading companies across numerous industries—from health care, technology and telecommunications to financial services, consumer products and construction, among many others. And importantly, our services run the gamut: arbitration & dispute consulting, business insurance claims preparation, claims management, construction litigation, environmental & sustainability consulting, intellectual property litigation, professional malpractice litigation, and securities litigation.

How we can help

Our Litigation and Dispute Consulting practice helps companies turn critical and complex issues, like those requiring litigation and trial support, into opportunities for resilience and long-term advantage. Clients seek us out for our in-depth understanding of business issues and our extensive experience dealing with controversial events that occur during the normal course of business, such as purchase price disputes, shareholder suits, professional malpractice claims, or vendor contract disputes.

With a demonstrated track record of helping clients navigate successful outcomes, our professionals work closely with clients to address their unique challenges, applying valuable insights and advice so they can move ahead with confidence. Our team is trained to provide objective expert witness opinions, and represent, advocate, and arbitrate as needed. We are experienced with being deposed and in testifying in the courtroom.

Our clients, both outside counsel and in-house counsel across many industries, such as health care, technology, telecommunications, financial services, consumer products, construction, professional services and manufacturing, benefit from our ability to leverage our Deloitte global network and specialists when needed.

Our services

Our litigation & Dispute Consulting offerings include:
  • Arbitration & Dispute Consulting
  • Business Insurance Claims Preparation
  • Claims Management
  • Construction Litigation
  • Environmental & Sustainability Consulting
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Professional Malpractice Litigation
  • Securities Litigation