L’innovation impulse la dynamique de la stratégie. C’est pourquoi notre approche et nos méthodes intègrent ces deux dimensions, afin que votre entreprise puisse réinventer non seulement ses produits, mais aussi son modèle économique, l’expérience offerte à ses clients, la façon dont elle travaille.


Getting your African market entry strategy right

Many global companies want to set up or expand their operations in Africa to participate in the rapid growth that the region is enjoying. But Africa is fragmented and complex, underscoring the need for experienced guidance in selecting priority markets and designing how best to enter them.


Business Process Solutions

Deloitte provides short-term and long-term managed business processes across various industries using innovative business systems as enablers and qualified professionals

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Alain Penanguer

Associé Deloitte Afrique

Alain Penanguer

Associé Deloitte Afrique


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Innovation is a prerequisite to successful growth. At the intersection of various disciplines, innovation is fully integrated into organizations' strategies.