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CIIE Spotlight - Enhance Digital Capabilities in Life Sciences

The 5th China International Import Expo

Published: 9 November 2022

The 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is now well under way. On November 9, Deloitte China Life Sciences and Health Care industry team held a livestreaming,  which involved two separate industry keynote presentations around the evolving China health ecosystem and digital capabilities in life sciences companies.

Jens Ewert, Deloitte China Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Leader, and David Xie, Deloitte Consulting China Partner, delivered a joint speech on China Health Ecosystem 2030: A Scenarios Analysis.

China’s health care environment is changing rapidly, thus health system leaders need to prepare for a growing but also increasingly dynamic market. By analyzing the key trends of the industry, Deloitte concluded the critical uncertainties that may affect 2030 China health ecosystem, and mapped out four major scenarios for the future of China's health ecosystem. Besides, the report also provides the implications to the industry and calls for actions that the extended ecosystem players should place consumers, patients and innovation at the heart of health care strategies, and major digitization of operating and business models is required to fully embrace the new possibilities of digitized and shared health care.

Deloitte China Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Leader Jens Ewert together with Deloitte Consulting China Partner David Xie foresee the China health ecosystem 2030

Then, Scott Sun, Deloitte Consulting China Life Sciences Deputy Leader, delivered a speech on Thriving in Times of Change — Enhance digital capabilities in life sciences. He introduced Deloitte's digital solutions in life sciences sector, to support the industry players in building digital capabilities.

As times change, innovation and technology will accelerate the disruption in life sciences industry. The future of health should be patient-centric and data-driven, providing consumers with high-quality, affordable and accessible healthcare experiences. As digitalization has changed the value chain of traditional life science companies, they need to transform into customer-centered organizations with strong digital capability, and build business capability frameworks at three layers, namely experience layer, service layer, and insight layer, thereby empowering companies throughout the value chain and advancing the digital progress.

Life sciences companies should have five key business capabilities to tackle future challenges, namely: Omni-channel patient services, insights & analytics, product lifecycle planning, innovative value-based collaboration, and evidence-based medical management. With each of the key business capability, Deloitte provides comprehensive services for life science companies to drive digital innovation.

In terms of integrated end-to-end patient journey services, Deloitte has rich experiences and resources with strategic, management and digital innovation capabilities, and can provide tailored digital patient health and treatment solutions for life sciences companies. Deloitte helps companies to develop digital products, treatment and service opportunities around specific disease areas with patient-centered, digital innovation, data and technology capabilities to continuously improve patient experience and realize healthcare eco-synergy, thus enhancing companies' core competences and business growth opportunities.

Source:Deloitte Consulting

For omni-channel marketing, Deloitte provides comprehensive solutions to life sciences companies. With HCP segmentation model and customer journey design, we can precisely target and engage with different types of HCPs. Meanwhile, our AI-based NBA (Next Best Action) smart tool can provide direct HCP engagement suggestions to comprehensively improve engagement performance. As a result, the omni-channel marketing model can empower multiple function divisions, such as marketing, sales, and medical, in different scenarios to achieve business impacts.


Deloitte Consulting China Life Sciences Deputy Leader Scott Sun shares Deloitte’s digital capabilities in life sciences sector

Deloitte will continue to keep close eyes on the trends of future of health and digital development, and identify opportunities among market dynamics. With our global leading insights, creative practices and solutions, Deloitte can support ecosystem players to respond to industry changes and embrace innovation and digital transformation.

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