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Deloitte Media Statement

Deloitte is aware of a statement issued by a group of people claiming to represent employees of the Big Four firms in Hong Kong.  While we cannot verify the source of the statement and we respect the right of individuals to peacefully express their views, we want to clarify that this statement does not represent the views of the firm. 

The recent escalation of tension and conflict in Hong Kong has caused significant disruptions to society and has affected the livelihood of many in Hong Kong.  We do not condone any form of violent or illegal behavior and hope social order will be restored soon through mutual, peaceful dialogue and co-operation of all parties concerned.

Deloitte is committed to supporting Hong Kong, as a part of China, as the city continues to build on its success as an international financial center predicated on the 'One Country, Two Systems' concept, underpinned by the Basic Law. We are confident that Hong Kong will be able to resolve its current difficulties and we remain fully committed to providing outstanding and uninterrupted professional services to our clients.

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