Deloitte Announces Global Expansion of the Deloitte AI Institute

The Deloitte AI Institute applies research and eminence to help drive transformation and leadership in the Age of With™

Launched in June 2020, Deloitte AI Institute, is a center that focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, eminence and applied innovation across industries.

The Institute has now been launched globally, by adding several international nodes to the United States base.  

“Our new Institute nodes in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and China, allow for exponentially greater access to the most talented and diverse industry thought leaders and academic luminaries; start-ups; research and development groups; entrepreneurs; investors; and innovators, regardless of where they reside.  This will help our clients harness the power of AI in their organization and lead in the age of humans with machines.”, expressed Costi Perricos, Global Analytics & Cognitive Leader.

This network of specialists, combined with Deloitte’s depth of applied AI knowledge and understanding of pain points across industries and sectors — whether it is identifying use cases, understanding industry specific ecosystems, scaling from AI proof-of-concepts or securing AI systems — can help organizations transform quickly with AI.

“Our goal is to blend Deloitte’s deep experience in applied AI with a robust network of some of the most intelligent AI minds in the world to challenge the status quo. Through the power of this center, we aim to deliver impactful and game-changing applied research; and innovation to help our clients lead in the ‘Age of With,’ a world where humans work side-by-side with machines.” said Nitin Mittal, AI co-leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“With our unique experience, investments in AI and work with top organizations, we believe the Deloitte AI Institute can ignite ground-breaking applied AI solutions for enterprises,” said Beena Ammanath, executive director of Deloitte AI Institute, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Further, to help enterprises advance with AI, we will aim to help organizations remain distinctively human in a technology-driven world.”

"Deloitte China has established "Deloitte Analytics Institute" since 2015 to explore how digital technologies including AI can be applied to different business scenarios, and to incubate AI-based solutions and products across industries. The launch of "Deloitte AI Institute" in China will enhance the integration between Deloitte China and Deloitte global network, connect with more Deloitte global AI talents, make full use of Deloitte's advanced AI experience globally, and explore broader application scenarios in more markets, so as to provide better services to our clients. It will also bring the best AI practices in China to the rest of the world." said Joseph Chu, Deloitte AI Institute Leader and Chief Digital Officer, Deloitte China.

To learn more about the Deloitte AI Institute and its catalogue of research and articles, visit our Chinese website or global website

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