Embracing the BRI Ecosystem in 2018——Navigating pitfalls and seizing opportunities

Deloitte Perspective

2018 (Volume VII)

China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, a large part of the investment landscape across the world for four years, will become increasingly important. This paper summarises Deloitte’s key BRI insights for 2018, and explains how industry players can best position themselves to seize the investment opportunities.

It is difficult to think of any recent venture that has generated such a mixture of optimism and discussion as China’s transcontinental development project, the $900 billion Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

Some in the West perceive it as simply a vast infrastructure project. Others fear its benefits are overestimated and the political, economic and environmental risks poorly understood. Or they worry BRI might, as the Financial Times put it in an editorial, “export the worst aspects of the Chinese economy, while increasing the strains on its already stressed financial system.”

The view from China is quite different. For President Xi Jinping, BRI is “the project of the century.” BRI’s proponents point to its successes to date and the promise of more to come in revitalizing infrastructure―and by extension trade and economic growth―across Asia and beyond.


Sitao Xu
Deloitte China Chief Economist | Deloitte China Partner

Lydia Chen
Deloitte Research Director

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