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A former employee of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA LLP ("DTTC"), Liu Shengxi, was found guilty in the Shandong Rizhao Intermediate Court of criminal charges of concealing and intentionally destroying accounting vouchers, accounting books and financial accounting reports concerning Shandong Changhua Industrial Development Co., Ltd. ("Chang Hua"), who was sentenced to one year's imprisonment and suspended for one year. DTTC wishes to clarify that, apart from Liu Shengxi having been its employee, this matter has nothing whatsoever to do with DTTC.  Chang Hua is not, and never has been, a client of DTTC.  Liu Shengxi's involvement with Chang Hua and his related actions were solely in his personal capacity, of which DTTC had no knowledge.  His behavior was in breach of his duties to DTTC and so DTTC has initiated a legal letter against him and reserves the rights to take further legal action.  Moreover, Liu Shengxi's criminal behavior was completely at odds with DTTC's commitment to conducting business with the highest standards of integrity and professional behavior.

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