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Deloitte Foundation joins Hong Kong’s fight against 5th wave of COVID-19

Anti-epidemic supplies sourced for front-line workers and people most at risk

Published: 18 February 2022

With Hong Kong facing an onslaught from the fifth wave of the pandemic, the Deloitte Foundation today launches a program to donate much-needed anti-epidemic supplies to support frontline workers, low-income families, under-privileged children, and the elderly. 

The Foundation has so far procured over 100,000 COVID-19 rapid testing kits, together with facemasks, hand sanitizers, and disinfection wipes.  We are distributing these supplies to frontline workers including the police force, medical workers and the most vulnerable in society through various charities in Hong Kong.

“As part of the Hong Kong SAR community, we must join forces with the government to work hand in hand to combat this pandemic. We will spare no effort to do what matters most for society during these critical times by leveraging all power and resources, to support both the Central government and HKSAR government to secure the health and security of all Hong Kong people,” says Deloitte China CEO Patrick Tsang.

Deloitte China Dennis Chow (left) and Mr SIU Chak-yee, Raymond Commissioner of Police (right)

Deloitte China Chairman and Secretary-General of Deloitte Foundation (Hong Kong) Dennis Chow says, “Frontline workers, especially the police force and the medical workers, are carrying out their duties every day under severe conditions. The whole business community is thankful for everything they are doing during this fifth wave, which is putting the healthcare system in Hong Kong under severe pressure. It’s only right that we show our appreciation for their efforts and do whatever we can to help Hong Kong through this challenging time.”

Deloitte China Southern Region Managing Partner Edward Au (left) and Deloitte China Senior Advisor Dr Eliza Chan (right)

“During critical times, Deloitte China and the Deloitte Foundation are committed to supporting frontline workers, the most vulnerable, and underprivileged groups in society,” adds Deloitte China Southern Region Managing Partner Edward Au. “Beyond monetary contributions, we have been able to leverage our network of suppliers and regional procurement teams across China to do what we can to ensure Hong Kong has what it needs to fight back against the fifth wave.” 

Deloitte China Southern Region Managing Partner Edward Au left and Fung Kai Man David St. James’ Settlement Assistant Chief Executive Officer Right

All of us at Deloitte China express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work of frontline workers at this challenging time.

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