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Embracing Inclusion and Well-being, Deloitte Hosts Dialogue with Leaders Series on Women of Impact

Published: 14 September 2018

On Thursday, 13 September Deloitte organized a Women of Impact event in Hong Kong, bringing together more than 150 employees and guests to join the conversation with the leaders of Deloitte Global as part of its diversity and inclusion culture building.

At the event, Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen reaffirmed Deloitte's commitment to gender parity.

"Deloitte makes a tangible, measurable, attributable impact. That is one of the factors that has made us the undisputed leader in professional services," he said. "Yet globally, we must do more to advance women into partnership and managing director roles. That is why we are accelerating our quest for gender parity, strengthening our culture of inclusion, and holding our leaders accountable for leading the charge."

Delivering the opening address, Deloitte China CEO Patrick Tsang noted, "Our China Firm has made great progress since admitting its first female partner in 1986. Nearly 40% of our partners and directors are now women.

"But we can still do more to facilitate working women achieving their full potential. This is why inclusion is one of the elements of our 4+1 culture as we drive towards being undisputed leader in the market. It's also great to have so many men attend this event—we all have a part to play in promoting inclusion."

Hosted by Deloitte China Women of Impact Leader Vivian Jiang and Chief Talent Officer Jungle Wong, the panel session included Deloitte Global Talent Leader Michele Parmelee, Asia Pacific CEO Cindy Hook, and Global General Counsel Susan Yashar, as well as three representatives from our China firm – Markets & Global Network Managing Partner Rosa Yang, Southern Region Managing Partner Dennis Chow and Partner Shirley Woo from Hong Kong.

The event explored issues raised in the 2017 Deloitte x Lean In China Women, Work and Happiness: Impact of Women in the Workplace in a Digital Age report, including how women often are not confident to aspire to the most senior leadership positions – the so called "confidence trap". It also addressed the issue of well-being.

Commenting on the "confidence trap", Cindy said, "If confidence is defined as your belief in your ability to succeed, I think we have to ask why women are lacking in this?  I believe confidence is strongly influenced by the environment you operate in. Leaders and organization need to create a culture that builds confidence. One which is inclusive, where all voices are heard and unique ideas and opinions are valued. One which supports people to reach their potential by providing access to ongoing learning and strong sponsorship of emerging women leaders."

The panel members shared stories of their personal and career ambitions, the hard choices they had to make to be successful, as well as shared words of wisdom for aspiring female leaders on how they can attain "A Stronger and Better Self".  

With an increasingly complex business environment, a diverse workforce is now more important than ever if organizations are to deal with new and evolving difficulties. That is why Deloitte is committed to building a culture of inclusion, making greater diversity one of its core strengths.

“The business case for diversity and inclusion is urgent and well documented. At Deloitte, we are committed to accelerating gender representation in leadership and strengthening our culture of inclusion that empowers all of our people to be at their best on both a personal and professional level. Through innovative programmatic and culture-building initiatives, we are working to identify effective approaches and prepare our leaders to be role models for inclusive behavior and decision making,” added Michele.

Deloitte is also committed to supporting female empowerment – and the work/life balance of all its staff – not just through words but in deeds. At Deloitte China, women account for well over half our workforce, and we have implemented several initiatives including part-time employment and other flexible career arrangements.

"There are always difficult times balancing priorities in your work and personal life, especially for women because of their family commitments. I am fortunate enough to have joined Deloitte China, which promotes wellbeing as a core pillar of our talent commitment and spare no effort to build a conducive environment for our people to make an impact that matters," says Vivian, who joined Deloitte in 1997 and was admitted to the partnership in 2004.

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