Deloitte assists listing of AMTD Digital on New York Stock Exchange

Largest US IPO by a Chinese firm in 2022 to-date

Publish date: 22 July 2022

Deloitte China supported the successful listing of AMTD Digital Inc. ("AMTD Digital", stock symbol: HKD) on New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") on 15 July 2022. AMTD Digital offered 16 million American depositary receipts at an offering price of USD7.8 per share, raising USD124.8 million in total.

This is the largest IPO by a Chinese company in the United States so far in 2022. It is also the 1st IPO by a Chinese company on NYSE with a Big Four professional services firm as independent auditor since June 2021.  

About the client

As a fusion reactor at the AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem, AMTD Digital is digital solutions platforms with businesses spanning multiple verticals, including digital financial services, SpiderNet ecosystem solutions, digital media, content, and marketing, and digital investments.

AMTD Digital fuses synergistically the elements within the AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem using digital means, harnessing and magnifying the power from each partner to create a force with influential social, technological, and economic impact.

Source: Prospectus of IPO of AMTD Digital dated 14 April 2022

About the IPO engagement

Once the engagement began, an experienced client service team was quickly formed to deliver high quality audit services on call according to a tight schedule. Strong support from our internal specialists was also key to this success.

Deloitte China congratulates AMTD Digital on its successful listing on NYSE. We will continue to provide high quality professional services to assist more clients to take one-step ahead in today's increasingly competitive and complex business environment.

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