Deloitte China's A-Share IPO Services Shine in 2021

Published: 28 January 2022

Deloitte China's Capital Market Services Group is delighted to share the excellent results of the Firm's A-share IPO services in 2021.

Amid intense competition, especially from the Big Six local firms, Deloitte China still achieved the following remarkable results:

  • #1 reporting accountant among the Big Four professional services firms by funds raised;
  • Reporting accountant for the largest (China Telecom) and 4th largest (Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank) IPOs in the market;
  • Reporting accountant for the world's 2nd largest IPO (China Telecom) by funds raised; and
  • Reporting accountant for 4 of the top 10 IPOs in the A-share market by funds raised (China Telecom, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Zhuzhou Zhong CRRC Times Electric, and Xinjiang Daqo New Energy).

Market share of A-share IPO funds raised of the Big Four professional services firms as reporting accountants in 2021 (RMB million)

Top 10 IPOs in the A-share market in 2021 (RMB million)

In the last couple of years, the Firm has dedicated effort and resources to enhancing the brand eminence of our A-share IPO services and the expertise and knowledge of our professionals who deliver these service to our clients.

We hosted various sharing workshops on important matters in working on A-share IPO engagements in different regions. We also hosted webcasts that helped deepen understanding of the A-share capital market, including overviews of the market, listing procedures, and document filing requirements; the background and implications of the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange, its positioning, listing and review rules and regulations; and common fallacies when preparing for listings on ChiNext and how to improve audit quality for A-share listings.

2021’s outstanding results were not merely attained in 2021. They came from the continuous diligence of our professional team and joint efforts within the Firm to enhance our ability and quality in serving the A-share market. Our teams have dedicated much of their time and effort to building up our A-share IPO service portfolio. We pay tribute to them for their continuous efforts.

The authorities have been expanding the capacity and diversity of the A-share capital market in the last couple of years, most recently with the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange. All of these developments imply huge opportunities are ahead for us, and we now have a strong year to use as a springboard for these future efforts.

The CMSG looks forward to more quality A-share IPO services and smart growth in this area. We will continue to roll out different eminence building and knowledge enhancement initiatives to help us stay ahead of regulatory and market developments in the Chinese capital market. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

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