Deloitte Lease Accounting Managed Service ("DLAMS")

a cost effective, flexible, and scalable solution to manage your lease accounting

Published date: 9 August 2022

Whether you have adopted IFRS 16, ASC 842, or CAS 21, or are still preparing for adoption, one thing is for sure: new lease accounting is much more complex and data intensive. This change has pushed the cost of compliance higher and many other issues may have affected your business and finance team, including:

  • A lack of system solutions to process lease transactions swiftly and accurately
  • Costly ownership of IT system, related management, and resources
  • Lock-up of already constrained resources for daily routine lease accounting and compliance
  • Heightened non-compliance risk due to incomplete lease identification, manual calculations prone to error, or a lack of sufficient audit trails
  • Difficulty in access to changing accounting requirements, best practices, specialist advice, and management support
  • Decentralized lease management and access


What is DLAMS?

DLAMS uses a secure online portal to interact with you and collate lease data, prepare accounting entries for each reporting period, and create financial statement disclosure packs for you. Whether you have implemented new lease accounting or not, DLAMS provides a powerful, one-stop lease accounting managed platform, run by Deloitte for you, using our Lease Accounting Platform ("LAP"), a proprietary system solution developed by Deloitte. With DLAMS, you will enjoy the benefit of leaving the compliance and complexity of accounting requirements to us.

How can Deloitte help?

Our experienced professionals stand ready to support your needs with a set of flexible, scalable service offerings, including:

  • Self-service package – LAP subscription with knowledge transfer to on-board your people
  • Basic service package – LAP subscription with on-board knowledge transfer, review of lease accounting applications and calculations, and on-call lease accounting support
  • VIP service package – confidently leave every aspect of lease accounting to us, with on-call support


Contact us:

Francesco Nagari
National Strategic Accounting Solutions Leader, Deloitte China
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2852 1977

Christine Wen
Lease Accounting Leader, Deloitte China
Tel: +86 10 8512 5135

Gordon Lee
Deloitte China Assurance Service Director
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Susan Li
Deloitte China Assurance Service Manager
Tel: +86 10 8512 4187

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