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Audit & Assurance Leaders

Thomas Chung
National Audit & Assurance
Managing Partner
Email: thochung@deloitte.com.hk

Samuel Wong
Deputy National Audit & Assurance Leader / 
Head of Audit of Deloitte CPA LLP / Audit Capture Leader
Email: samwong@deloitte.com.cn

Vincent Li
Southern Region
Audit & Assurance Leader
Email: vinli@deloitte.com.hk

Lawrence Jin
Eastern Region
Audit & Assurance Leader
Email: lawrjin@deloitte.com.cn

Jeffrey Fu 
Northern Region
Audit & Assurance Leader
Email: jfu@deloitte.com.cn

Terence Cheung
Western Region
Audit & Assurance Leader
Email: tercheung@deloitte.com.cn

Barry Man
FSI Audit & Assurance 
Email: bman@deloitte.com.cn

Jay Harrison
Advisory in Audit Leader /
Audit Transformation Leader
Email: jayharrison@deloitte.com.hk

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