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Deloitte Digital Difference Camp


What is fast pass to Deloitte graduate or internship offer?

Once you enter the final competition, subject to your performance, we will consider to offer you the fast pass to Deloitte graduate or internship offer.


I am a year 1 student, can I apply the Deloitte Digital Difference Camp?

Yes, Deloitte Digital Difference Camp is open to all full time university students. 


Do you have any preference on the background of the participants?

Deloitte Digital Difference Camp is open to all full time university students with all disciplines. Throughout the Camp, business students can learn about the most advanced digital information and technologies, and science students are empowered with business insights and perspective. Students can gain a mix of skills that are most in demand in this era of diversification through cross-disciplinary learning.


If I have any enquiries, is there any hotline? 

Should you have any enquiries regarding the Deloitte Digital Difference Camp, please do not hesitate to write to us at: OR 400 800 7811 for Mainland, and +886 2 66161710 for Taiwan and +852 25311800 for Hong Kong/ Macau. We shall get back to you within two working days.


Will I be able to participate in Deloitte Digital Difference Camp if I am currently overseas?

Sure, you are welcome to join as our camp will run virtually, aiming to bring you a truly digital experience.


Regarding "Coach-coachee Matching", how does it work?

Students who successfully enter the semi-finals can choose one of the ten Deloitte mentors and join his/her team.  They are also required to submit the personal resume and the project plan designed by the respective mentor.  On the other hand, mentor will invite the selected students to join his/her team after reviewing their submission.


What is the scope in the test?

The test will guide you to leverage your digital expertise and talent to solve complex business problems by focusing on understanding in an interesting way. For more information, please follow Deloitte WeChat page"德勤数字汇” .


Can I take the test before I complete all the online classes?

You may take the test after the online registration (subject to your own circumstances). The online classes are designed as a simulation of real business scenarios, giving you the role of advisor and experiencing leading-edge digital transformations.


Will there be charges during the camp?

There won't be any charges incurred.


Can I participate in other Deloitte activities if I fail to enter to final competition?

Yes, please follow our WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to know more about our information.

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