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Deloitte China receives employer award from LinkedIn

The ConnectIn 2019 Conference was held on 2 November in Dali, China by LinkedIn, the world's largest social media platform for business and employment. Deloitte China received an employer award together with nineteen companies, including internet and technology giants Google, Apple, Huawei and Alibaba, as well as leading companies in other industries, such as Telsa and Unilever.

Deloitte China was the only professional services organization to receive such an honor. Backed by its innovative spirit, Deloitte China has shrugged off the image of a traditional business and move ahead with some of the leading technology companies in developing talent and contributing to society.

The awards focus on the performance of companies in building reputation and brand eminence, as well as attracting and retaining talent. They credit employers that utilize data insights and social media to build their brands in this era of talent intelligence.

Deloitte China Chief Talent Officer Jungle Wong says, "We always strive to enhance the digital work and development environment for our people through innovative management measures, so our people will be proud of working at Deloitte China. In view of the ongoing digital revolution, Deloitte China advocates a pioneering digital corporate culture, which is also part of our global innovative strategy. By refining our corporate culture, we aspire to help our people develop an innovative mindset, expand their horizons, become more inclusive and pursue wellbeing for themselves and others, all while staying committed to integrity. We have also introduced innovative recruitment methods, leveraging the internet and social media networks to facilitate communication with candidates. This award represents our leadership in the digital age."

As a leading professional services organization, Deloitte China is a network of 14,000 people across 22 offices, and has been certified as a Top Employer in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau by the Top Employers Institute for 12 consecutive years. As we entered FY19, Deloitte China introduced its "4+1" culture—courage, innovation, inclusion, well-being + integrity—seeking to help employees achieve personal and career growth and inspire them to make an impact that matters.

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