Deloitte China 1st in category in Universum’s Most Attractive Employers

Universum announced the 2022 China’s Most Attractive Employers Rankings, and Deloitte has been recognized as "China's Most Attractive Employer" for the 14th consecutive year, and ranked No.1 in its category.

“2022 China’s Most Attractive Employers Rankings” survey covered more than 60,000 students from 108 universities across China, asking about their career preferences, expectations, and perceptions of ideal employers. That Deloitte China won the title once again, and came 1st in its category, proves our unremitting talent development efforts are widely recognized by the market and GenZers, especially university students.

"Deloitte is an inclusive and caring firm. We offer a variety of career development pathways, and provide a wide learning development platform using "Smart Talent Experience" to help employees grow, unleash their potential, and be prepared to become “future ready” talents.  In addition, Deloitte China has been committed to digital transformation in recent years, constantly breaking through with innovations. We launched the "Metaverse Offer" and Leadership "Future Go" mobile game to satisfy the needs of GenZers, giving them a more technological and interesting workplace experience and helping them pursue self-worth and happiness," says Deloitte China Chief Talent Officer Carol Zheng.

·        The launch of Deloitte's “Metaverse Offer” – We use "Deloitte University" as background and our "Smart Talent Experience" as core content to show candidates how Deloitte provides diverse, personalized career development paths and L&D platforms to foster digital talent. This allow our candidates to not only have unique avatars to participate in gamified, immersive interactions, but also collect badges to receive offer gift packs, complete contract signing online, and share our videos and posters.

·        Leadership “Future Go” mobile game – Using the concept of time-travel as the main narrative, through "Future Go", players can learn leadership skills and six core competencies for the future (resilience, agility, risk-taking, collaboration, creativity, and technology). Players can win the game by winning different battles and completing quizzes. The scenarios at each level simulate real-life workplace situations. Players can revise relevant knowledge in the game and enhance their competiveness.

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