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How do I apply Deloitte Club?
We'll post the positions during the recruitment period, and only accept online applications.


Can I apply for more than one location? Or change my information after I've submitted it?

Unfortunately you can only apply once, and you can't change information once it's submitted. Make sure you're happy with the location you're applying for before you submit it. You won't have the chance to alter it at a future date.


I have applied Project Internship, can I apply Deloitte Club?

If you are graduating in 2020 and you meet the requirement for Deloitte Club, you will receive an email from us. Then you can update your application accordingly.


Will the Deloitte Club application result influence my future application in Deloitte, such as winter internship or full time graduate position?

It won't make any difference. We treat the applications separately.


I'm currently studying overseas. How will the assessment be arranged?

Group assessment are held at the location you have applied, and in case you are unable to attend, we shall make alternate arrangement.


I am not from an accounting background. Can I still apply for Deloitte Club?

We welcome students from all sorts of backgrounds. There aren't any restrictions at all.

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