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Deloitte Club is a structured program designed and developed for students who want to learn from the best and be prepared for a bright career in the future.  We will connect you with professionals, help you develop your business skills and understanding of the profession, more importantly, provide you with practical work experience in the business world.  We’ll put you in position to make an impact.  Whatever your career ambitions are, we’ll help you achieve them. 


Join Deloitte Club and through its mentoring, training and internship opportunities, you'll develop your skills and connect with others who want to make an impact of their own.  At the same time, you’ll experience the Deloitte life.  Together, these experiences will put you on track on defining and achieving your career ambitions. 

You will first join the Club as a junior member whereas you will be given the first hand opportunity to experience the Deloitte way of life.  More for you is to have a career experience through internship plans to get a taste of the professional services industry.  Our internship period spread in different periods for different business functions but majority of opportunities fall into winter.  

Depending on the impact you make in your internship, you will be selected as our premium members.  You will be given an assigned seasoned mentor to personalize your career planning through extensive close encounters and this could lead you to a full time offer.     


Be inspired by world-class experts

  • Get full support from seasoned professionals, learn the latest insights and discover what really happens in industry.

Start to make an impact

  • Have opportunities to learn and develop your potentials.
  • Participate in Deloitte Corporate Social Responsibility activities and learn about giving back to the community.

Grow your individual talents

  • First-hand career experience through internship plans.
  • Get to know Deloitte and the professional services industry.

Start to build career-long connections

  • Network with talented students who share your passion and career drive, and learn from them.
  • Start building your networks with experienced professionals.

Apply to make an impact

If you want to connect with smart people who can help you become the best you can be, develop your technical knowledge, gain practical experience, achieve your career ambitions, Deloitte Club is the perfect place to start.

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