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We offer you a variety of opportunities to get to know Deloitte before you shape your career. Come | Explore | Boost your future

If it's too early for you to think of your career, or whether your "dream career" fits you, we can help you to take a closer look through Deloitte Connect – an exclusive, interactive experience tailor-made for you. This is your opportunity to explore a future with a multidisciplinary professional services firm.

If you are a university student, come and join Deloitte Connect from March to May and you will enjoy a series of interesting, immersive experiences including inspirational keynote sharing, alumni sharing, our Elite Talent program, and professional career guidance. Drop us a line and join the session that sparks your curiosity.

You are welcome to join any session that you are interested in, whenever you are free. At Deloitte Connect we provide rich experiences, professional sharing and years of expertise to help you broaden your horizons, improve your skills and grow!

As an attendee, you'll get to:

- hear our inspirational keynote sharing

Our thought leaders will tell you how they persisted and broke through barriers along their personal journeys. If you share the same purpose, Deloitte Connect is a great place for you to exchange ideas or express the challenges you have faced in your career planning. We are here to help you grow, personally and professionally.

- meet your alumni

"Seniors are Back" is a platform for alumni and senior Deloitters to share how they crafted their careers and built their personal networks by joining different corporate and social activities. Through their sharing, you will not only learn about their careers, but also explore various options and open your door to making an impact.

- get the latest news from our talent programs

Our talent programs, no matter whether you are a current student or graduate, prepare you to make an impact. We provide a global platform where you can join our multi-disciplinary professional services teams, be inspired by our seasoned professionals, and have opportunities to demonstrate how you'll attain the highest professional standards. You can also explore a multitude of possibilities and create and impact that matters.

- get tips directly from Deloitte professionals on your career planning

You may have questions about your future career. We bring you the most current job search questions in an interesting way to enable you sharpen your resume and learn interview tips quickly. We'll also help you equip yourself for and identify the job skills and knowledge you will need, teach you how you can use these skills to secure your dream job and navigate your career.

If you are interested in joining us, just scan the QR code and register. Confirmations will be sent out to you after the registration deadline.

Deloitte Connect will be carried out on campus or online, and be subject to local conditions regarding the COVID-19 epidemic and other local arrangements.

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