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Digital Customer & Marketing

Use the latest technology to provide excellent services and create brand value for customers.

Digital customer: As a digital customer consultant, you will leverage insights-driven strategies and advanced technology solutions to energize sales and service operations for digitally powered growth and help clients enhance customer relationships with immersive experiences powered by leading digital art.

Advertising, Marketing & Commerce: As an advertising, marketing and e-commerce consultant, you will engage and inspire your customers to act by leveraging leading-edge strategies and solutions to turn customer data into powerful insights, driving omni-channel performance and ROI throughout clients' advertising and marketing operations.

Customer & Applied Design: As a customer and application design consultant, you will accompany your clients on the road to transformation, help them adapt to new digital operating models, create new digital experiences, innovate end-to-end digital transformation strategy, and achieve sustainable profit growth.

An Open and Honest Point of View about Deloitte Consulting!

The experienced seniors at Deloitte Consulting are willing to guide and assist us to overcome difficulties and find solutions. The firm advocates being people-oriented, empowering staff, and for each employee to follow an exclusive learning path. Team leaders support our lifelong learning and continued growth. Through learning platforms provided by the firm, I can make full use of Deloitte's internal resources and reliable external resources, get up-to-date insights, and provide clients with high quality services at the same time, for mutual growth and progress.


       Chris Sou
       Analyst | Consulting
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