Life at Deloitte

Diversity and inclusion

Giving everyone the chance to shine 

We embrace diversity. The varied backgrounds, cultures, experiences and abilities of our people are vital to who we are. They make our offices richer, more inspiring places to be. They make our solutions stronger and our ideas more innovative. Diversity makes us better. Which is why we do everything we can to create an environment that welcomes difference, in all its many forms.

Inspiring Women

Our Woman of Impact Honor is one facet of how we celebrate and embrace diversity. The award recognizes women who excel. Honorees may have shown particular integrity and leadership, or delivered exceptional results for a client. Equally, they may have driven major innovations and improvements. Whatever their achievement, we hold them up as a role model to the business. In doing so, we give women the visibility they need to evolve into leaders build peer networks.


The Generation Young Council

We don’t see the next generation as a force to be reckoned with: we see them as a source of ideas – of bright new thoughts, unheard-of approaches and solutions that challenge everything that has gone before. 

That’s why we created the Generation Young Council. This internal community brings together brilliant young people from across Deloitte to create a breeding ground for collaboration and innovation. Management teams seek out the Council’s opinion on innovative ideas, cultural initiatives and new ways of working.


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