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Global Delivery Center in Chongqing

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Chongqing has become one of the new growth engines in China's economic development. Deloitte plans to significantly expand the size of its operations in Chongqing, and this city is now our regional headquarters in Western China.The Global Delivery Center (GDC) has operated in Feb 2015. We invite you to develop your career within the GDC, and become a key member of Deloitte to make an impact in the future.

Global Delivery Center (GDC)

Deloitte China established its Global Delivery Center (GDC) - Deloitte & Touche Delivery Center Limited in Chongqing in February 2015. The GDC has started to provide services to our offices in China, with the long term objective of supporting the other member firms within the Deloitte Global organization. Not only does GDC helps improve our operating efficiency, it also provides the management with strategic data and other support, which enable us to better serve the global clients of Deloitte.

Internship in Deloitte GDC

Deloitte Chongqing Global Delivery Center (hereinafter the "GDC") launched its Internship Programme (hereinafter the "Program") with regards to newly arising demand of Deloitte service lines facing all students who desire to work at Deloitte. Our internship Programme aims at providing students with a platform for learning and thriving as well as a quick channel for career development, and absorbing business elites for Deloitte beforehand.

  • The Programme helps students understand Deloitte's professional work, put theory into practice, and cultivate business and financial analysis abilities.
  • Students joining the Programme can work with and learn ahead of time from Deloitte's professionals to accumulate valuable work experience.

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Experienced hires in Deloitte GDC

Since we started in February 2015, our GDC has now grown to a cross- functional team, and we are continuously bringing on board talented people.

We recruit experienced hires for GDC, if you have the skills and the right experience, please join us!

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