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Global Opportunity

Broaden your horizons

At Deloitte, we view global skills as more than just a benefit. Broadening employee career horizons leads to better business growth, improved client needs and overall employee development.

Global Mobility Program

We never stop encouraging our staff to take overseas assignments. In 2011 alone, 38 of our Deloitte China colleagues seconded abroad, and we welcomed 31 international colleagues to the Mainland.

With just a minimum three years of working experience including one year at Deloitte, you’ll be eligible to apply for our Global Mobility Program and have the opportunity to work an 18 to 36-month assignment in one of our many offices around the globe.

Secondees Thrive in London

In November 2010, Shanghai audit senior managers Lily and Jessica Li started their 18-month journey to the London office. During that time, they worked as engagement managers of WPP (TNS) and the Royal Bank of Scotland, which has since become one of our UK firm’s largest audit clients.  Besides serving local clients and dealing with cultural challenges, Lily and Jessica brought a special ‘Chinese touch’ to our UK Chinese clients (UK subsidiaries of China Minmetals, Sinochem, China Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China and others.), making them feel more at home.

While actively involved in UK-China business development, Lily and Jessica not only participated in business activities organized by the China-Britain Business Council and UK Trade & Investment, but also successfully organized seminars and events to receive visiting delegations from China’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of Commerce of China, They also networked and organized activities with their UK-based Chinese colleagues, adding a fresh element to the UK firm’s Diversity Group. Lily and Jessica’s strong contributions were both appreciated and well complimented by the UK firm.

During their secondment, Lily and Jessica not only kept in touch with professional teams serving China-UK’s cross-border businesses, but were also heavily involved in communication with other Chinese UK secondees by assisting our China firm’s Global University Program to recruit Chinese students to the UK.

“Joining the Global Mobility Program broadened our views, which enabled us to review our professional services from a new and wider perspective. It not only provided opportunities that  enhanced our learning ability and management skills, but also exposure that enlarged our business and personal network. All these have been helpful for us to provide better services to our clients. As one: Borderless, Boundless.” note Lily and Jessica.

Work smart, play hard. Besides their amazing work performance, Lily and Jessica also took full advantage of their spare time travelling around Europe to enjoy the scenery, experience local customs and further understand the European culture…

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