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Extensive exposure to versatile clients and industries

Our audit team will give you a chance to gain a real insight in the world of business and get involved in some truly inspiring and meaningful work. What’s more, through a combination of practical, hands-on audit experience and training for world-recognised qualifications, you’ll develop the kind of skills that could take your career anywhere.

At Deloitte Audit, you will gain one of the best business educations there is through a combination of practical, hands-on experience and training for world-recognised qualifications.

Beginning your career in one of the Audit groups, you will be helping to deliver audit, advisory and transaction support services to a range of top clients; many of them market leaders in their sectors. Our extensive experience in Small-Medium-Enterprises (SME) in China offers our professionals a unique look on the business, broad exposure to business issues and high independence on project management. This will give you an excellent understanding of how businesses work while helping you build skills for your future career. 

From SME to global corporation 

You can expect challenging and rewarding assignments. Because talent grows when people know they are valued, respected, and can do their best work; you can also expect to be recognised for the individual you are and the contribution you make. Working virtually and on international assignments with people of different cultures, languages, beliefs, and backgrounds will be your chance to build the multicultural competence to get the most out of your team and deliver the quality clients expect.

As a new addition to the team, you can be sure of instant exposure to a variety of clients and issues based on your previous experiences. At the same time, you will be supported by our professionals in acquiring the qualifications and other core competencies tailored to your personal and professional needs.

At Deloitte, growth is always based on your training and development wishes. As you move forward at Deloitte, you will begin to focus your efforts in one or several of the service categories within your function and start to build your professional reputation, as well as attaining further professional qualifications where needed.

As a manager, you will start to specialise in a particular industry and/or market segment, while taking up more managerial responsibilities. Your expertise and broad-based management skills will be further developed at the senior manager level as you master increasingly complex business issues and engage in management challenges.  

Your Audit career path 

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