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Growth at Consulting

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When it comes to growth, Deloitte Consulting looks into the best way for you to grow based on your performance, training and development wishes. Wherever you are, you can be sure of help and support at every step of your way.

Since 2004, Deloitte Consulting China has been leaping forward with an annual growth of 40%. Globally, consulting currently accounts for 25% of the total Deloitte revenue and in China, together with our 1,000 practitioners, we aspire to continue on our growth path and sustain a constant growth rate.  

Business growth

The growth of Deloitte Consulting has been at remarkable speed. Starting with 100 members in 2005 throughout China, our consulting team reached one thousand in 2012 and we continue to grow as an employer. Each of these 1,000 professionals has grown together with us and has accumulated profound industry knowledge ready to guide the development of new talents. When you join Deloitte Consulting, you can be sure of guidance from seasoned professionals at every step of the way.  

Personal growth

Growth at Deloitte Consulting is much more about you than about us. Based on your performance, training and development wishes, we look into how you can best grow professionally.

Typically, in the early years of your career, you are exposed to a variety of clients and issues while building your core competencies as an advisor. This allows you to develop a sound technical foundation and learn more about the profession as well as your career interests.

At the senior level, you begin to focus your efforts in one or several of the service offerings within your function and start to build your professional reputation.

As a manager, you will start to specialise in a particular industry and/or market segment, while taking up more managerial responsibilities. Your expertise and broad-based management skills will be further developed at the senior manager level as you master increasingly complex business issues and engagement management challenges. All of which get you well prepared for the next role as director and eventually partner of the business.

As a director or partner, you will drive growth by developing long-term profitable relationships with high value clients. At the same time, you will be accountable for client relationships with key teams and exercising appropriate risk management. Moreover, your team members will look up to you for coaching, leadership and inspiration.

Consulting career path

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