Life at Deloitte


Our ideas shape the future 

Our business is built on great ideas. From individual moments of genius through to the small thoughts that become major innovations, the imagination and originality of our people drives our success. And we encourage all of them to let their talents shine, so regardless of your level your ideas will be welcomed.

Innovation for now

We go out of our way to make sure our people stay curious and inspired with Innovation Programs that encourage inventiveness at every level. But we’re also home to dedicated innovation teams. The Deloitte China Research and Insight Center works with brilliant minds from all over the world to share the latest ideas, trends and research. They join up Deloitte’s global innovations. And they do so with the ambition of making businesses, society and world economies smarter and better for all of us. 


Innovation for the future

The Deloitte Analytics Institute (DAI) is a unique mix of business, academia and technology. Using cutting-edge technology to support all functions across China, DAI offers incisive and original insights to colleagues and clients alike. Through DAI, we make connections that have never been seen before, consider the big picture and explore the finest details. The team’s ability to turn raw data into precision business information using advanced models, algorithms and visualization solutions is unparalleled in our market. Their innovation sets us apart.


Innovation with clients

Sometimes innovation is about having the right kind of opportunities to work collaboratively. China Greenhouse (or QIN CHUANG KONG JIAN) offers clients an immersive and interactive ‘out of office’ experience that disrupts the way they solve complex business challenges. Looking nothing like a traditional office set-up, it incorporates state-of-the-art technology, data visualization, behavioural research and experienced facilitators to accelerate creative thinking.  

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