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In Audit & Assurance, we share the firm’s passion for making an impact that matters to clients, colleagues and communities.

Globally, Deloitte serves the world's largest multinationals. In China, our Audit & Assurance team provides clients with statutory reporting, auditing, public offering and advisory services based on solid market knowledge, rich industry expertise and advanced technological tools. Profound market knowledge and cutting edge audit tools set Deloitte apart.

Among the Big Four, we are the only firm with a global Chinese services team. We are able to integrate resources from professional services across over 100 countries and regions, and provide Audit & Assurance services for clients with international businesses. Our supportive culture ensures that unique individual strengths are brought together. We are especially proud of the seamless teamwork that allows us to learn from each other and behave ‘As One’.

When you join our Audit & Assurance as an experienced professional, you will enjoy immediate exposure to clients who vary in their operations, controls, structure and commercial attitudes. At the same time, you will be building advisory expertise through close involvement with managers, partners and senior client staff, as well as utilising our state-of-the-art audit tools. Our interconnected high-tech environment will encourage you to innovate, while our high-touch approach to career development will ensure that you achieve your full leadership potential – whether you are taking responsibility for people or projects.

If you are ready for a career with a dynamic organization in an environment that fosters individually tailored professional development and career advancement, you are ready for us.

Jobs in Audit & Assurance

Exposure, experience and independence

There are few other areas that will expand your business knowledge as much as Audit & Assurance at Deloitte. Regardless of which service line you join at Audit & Assurance, you will be exposed to equally versatile and challenging projects that may differ in operation, structure and scale.

Working collaboratively, we offer leading solutions addressing complex business challenges. In order to create real value for our clients, we adopt an integrated service approach that combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business knowledge and industry expertise. Such an approach depends on bringing out the full potential of each and every one of our highly valued staff at every stage of their careers.

This integrated service approach is key to our business and evidenced in all of our service lines. Our services are roughly divided into several business areas, including Annual Statutory Audit / Special Audit, Public Offering Services, and Advisory in Audit & Assurance.

Under Statutory Audit/Special Audit, our professionals engage in HKFRS (Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standard) compliance reporting and help the Ministry of Finance in developing Chinese Accounting standards in line with international accounting and financial reporting practices.

Under Public Offering Services, the Audit & Assurance team plays a pivotal role in providing timely advice on changes in accounting principles, disclosure requirements and stock exchange regulations.

Our Audit & Assurance practice covers a wide range of industries and markets, from financial services in multinational corporations to smaller, owner-managed businesses. We take pride in each of the clients we serve, globally or locally. Our clients trust us not only because of our long-standing reputation, but also because of our computerised audit approach and technological investment, which enable us to deliver seamless global accounting and auditing services.

Regardless of which service line you join at Audit & Assurance, you will be exposed to equally versatile and challenging projects that may differ in operation, structure and scale. As an integral member of the Audit & Assurance practice, you will play an essential role in this highly complex process—from both an assurance and value-added advisory perspective. You will be vital to financial reporting. In fact, you will be key to the integrity and stability of financial markets around the world.

Are you ready to apply your professional judgment, knowledge, and technical expertise while learning from complying with established protocols? Join Deloitte and make a difference for member firm clients around the world.

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