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At Deloitte, Audit & Assurance has delivered outstanding services for nearly two centuries. It’s this unwavering commitment to doing the right thing that has made us an authority on audit quality today.

We are committed to our critical role of upholding the public interest and instilling trust and confidence in capital markets. Our service isn’t just about validating numbers, but a continual commitment to raising standards in quality, a drive to find deeper insights, and a reputation for creating an impact beyond clients’ expectations.

Quality is our highest priority, informing every aspect of our Audit & Assurance practice, from strategy to delivery, and guiding our every step in supporting and developing our professional talent. This pursuit of quality is at the heart of our culture of continuous improvement and innovation, as we make our best work today even better tomorrow.

People committed to go beyond

The outstanding quality of our people is clients’ greatest advantage in solving their most important matters. We apply a diversity of knowledge and are committed to delivering a service of the highest standard.

Our people’s commitment to integrity, serving the public interest, and delivering greater comfort in the areas that matter most to our stakeholders is at the heart of everything we do. At Deloitte, we’re driven by a desire to make an impact that matters and contribute to better financial reporting ecosystems.

About Audit

Beyond reporting

Our Audit services are a vital link in clients’ financial reporting chain. We provide financial statement and internal control audit services that meet or exceed the latest, highest professional standards, with a focus on quality.

But we do not rest there. We go beyond these core audit services to help clients’ understand their businesses and inform next steps.

Our Audit services help organizations see further and deeper into their businesses. From enhancing trust in the companies we audit to helping organizations meet assurance demands in regulations and standards, we help capital market systems function with greater confidence. An audit is more than an obligation—it shines a powerful light on the state of an enterprise, providing insights that inform its aspirations.

About Assurance

Confidence in a changing world

Our Assurance services do more than simply look at past events and performance to issue a report. We take a proactive approach, addressing the entire ecosystem of an organization to provide value and insights.

Trust is one of the most valuable assets in the world today, but can also be one of the hardest things to achieve. In an increasingly complex world, knowing what and whom to trust—and why—can be elusive. Deloitte Audit & Assurance is uniquely positioned to provide comfort and confidence amid complexity and change. That’s why we are enhancing our Assurance capabilities—and drawing on complementary strengths from across Deloitte —to deliver comfort and confidence, and drive additional value, across a broader range of areas.

If you are ready for a career with a dynamic organization in an environment that fosters tailored professional development and career advancement, you are ready for us.

Jobs in Audit & Assurance

Exposure, experience, independence

Audit quality is our highest priority. It informs every aspect of our audit practice, from strategy to delivery, and guides every step we take to support and develop our professionals. This pursuit of audit quality is at the heart of our culture of continuous improvement and innovation, as we make our best work today even better tomorrow.

Regardless of which service line you join in Audit & Assurance, you’ll be exposed to equally versatile and challenging projects that differ in operation, structure, and scale.

In Audit, our professionals engage in a wide range of compliance reporting services, including annual audits of listed companies, statutory audit, internal control audit, and initial public offering services.

Our Audit purpose—upholding and enhancing the integrity of capital markets—is profound and impactful.

Quality is the foundation of that purpose and the bedrock of our strategy. In Audit, you will contribute to our relentless pursuit of quality and commitment to advancing our profession, defining not just what we do, but who we are.

In Assurance, our value proposition includes accounting operating assurance, business assurance, strategic accounting solutions, and disruptive event assurance. Our professionals address clients’ most complex accounting matters, transactional events, finance organizations, internal financial controls, and an ever-expanding range of outcomes from market disruption.

At Deloitte, Audit & Assurance covers a wide range of industries and markets, from financial services in multinationals to smaller, owner-managed businesses. We take equal pride in serving each of our clients, globally and locally. And our clients trust us, not only because of our outstanding reputation, but also for our commitment to innovation.

We are pioneers, shaping unprecedented, innovative experiences for the Audit & Assurance profession and entire finance arena. With an unrivalled understanding of conventional Audit & Assurance services, corporations' financial workflows, and a profound affinity for transformation, we have developed a wide range of innovation applications. These applications integrate the most advanced technologies and refined expertise, shape brand new Audit & Assurance experiences and ways for corporations to perform their financial work, and lead innovative digitalization to pave the way for the finance function of the future.

As an integral member of our Audit & Assurance practice, you will play an essential role in these highly complex processes and be vital to financial reporting. You will be key to the integrity and stability of financial markets around the world.

Are you ready to apply your professional judgment, knowledge, and technical expertise while learning from compliance with established protocols?

 Join Deloitte and make a difference for our clients around the world.

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