Job at Consulting


Job at Consulting

360-degree thinking

Our professionals offer our clients a multidimensional approach to address their business challenges in a “big picture” context. This unique 360-degree perspective is what we call the ‘Deloitte difference’ and is what makes your job different at Deloitte.

At the core of our consulting business, we provide 3 service areas covering Strategy & Operations, Human Capital and Technology. Our practitioners provide distinct solutions dealing with a multitude of business aspects based on their own expertise, but always follow our 360-degree perspective.  

3 service areas, 9 service lines 

Each of the business lines needs a different take on business challenges and solutions. As a Strategic Consultant, you are more likely to have a bird’s eye view on the overall development of the clients and deals with strategic issues such as strategy & governance, supply chain management and M&A. In our Human Capital Advisory, you will need to dive deep in and look at how to effectively help our client with talent management, HR transformation or implementation of total rewards. Whereas in Technology Advisory, you will need to keep an eye on details and be able to advise our clients on IT strategy and Enterprise Application such as SAP/Oracle implementation.  

Your job at Deloitte Consulting

Being number 1 in the management consulting industry gives us access to top tier clients across industry disciplines, and we make sure that our professionals are always one step ahead of others in the newest market developments, knowledge transfer and skill acquisition. When you join Deloitte Consulting, you can be sure of a systematic training and personalised development plan catered to your needs. Find out more in your growth or your learning.  

One step ahead of others

Deloitte China Consulting serves:

  • Top 5 SOE banks in China
  • Top 3 petrol groups in China
  • Top 3 telecom groups in China
  • Top 5 mining groups in China
  • Top 2 auto groups in China
  • Top 3 insurance companies in HK

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