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Extensive service lines

With core competencies encompassing capital markets, control assurance, internal audit, contractual exposure and insurance claims, and security services, our Risk Advisory professionals offer a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of industries.

Risk Advisory help organisations build value by taking a Risk Intelligent approach to managing financial, technology, and business risks. This approach helps Deloitte clients to focus on their areas of increased risk; bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organisational boundaries; and pursue not only risk mitigation, but also intelligent risk taking as a means to value creation. When you join Risk Advisory, you can be sure of access of these solutions and experiences, as well as opportunities in our 11 services lines.

Risk Intelligence Services

Include risk profiling, assistance with the development and implementation of risk assessment tools, scenario planning, and creation of a roadmap for addressing the people, process and technology issues associated all ERM activities.

Regulatory Readiness and Facilitation Compliance Services

Build a strong internal control framework that complies with the respective regulatory requirements.

Business Continuity Planning

Help clients achieve a reasonable level of assurance of end-to-end availability of essential business practices if there are interruptions from unforeseen events.

Information Governance Services

Help organisations identify, understand, prioritise, and develop and implement appropriate responses to business risks resulting from their deployment of information technology.

ERP Controls Services

Span through the life cycle of an ERP System: from designing controls and security, as part of the implementation process, ongoing monitoring and assessment, or one-time reviews.

Due diligence reviews of internal controls under the revised Hong Kong listing rules

Help sponsors assess the unique features of each applicant's systems by a variety of review techniques to examine risks in a range of processes, locations and functions.

Security eBusiness

Implement security eBusiness solutions for clients' business by delivering services that range from the creation of communities of trust to technology infrastructures, from networked controlled penetration testing to vendor product testing.

Internal Audit

Include designing a strategic plan for an internal audit, re-engineering existing department, procedural reviews and the ability to outsource the whole function.

Computer Audit

Include reviews of computer controls, business processes and information security, data quality and integrity, software asset management and IT project quality assurance.

Contract Risk & Compliance Services

Help companies significantly boost their bottom line; mitigate risk associated with outsourcing, licensing, alliances and other business partnerships; improve operations, processes and controls; and strengthen business relationships.

Accounting & Controls Services

Help company to design accounting and internal control policies and procedures for an accounting and controlling function of an existing investment or a new investment in China.

IT Due Diligence

Help to identify risks related to information technology in a merger and acquisition transaction and enable clients to make informed investment decisions.

More about our 11 service lines 

These are just a glimpse of the rich reservoir of market insights and industry knowledge you will tap into when you join Deloitte Risk Advisory. Beyond our service lines, close cooperation with other functions such as from audit and consulting practices allows our professionals instant access to versatile projects experiences.

Our Risk Advisory professionals come from diverse backgrounds including assurance and compliance, e-business, ERP services, information technology, internal audit and more. But what makes us really unique is our globally connected network of member firms, which brings world-class capabilities and deep local expertise to help clients succeed wherever they operate.

As a result, career with Deloitte Risk Advisory will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Work in a fast growing and challenging environment with like–minded people who are eminent in their respective technical field
  • Develop solutions through discussion and cooperation in/with our teams and with clients
  • Continue your professional development to reinforce and expand your chosen career path
  • Work with high profile clients on a variety of Chinese and international engagements 

Your job at Deloitte Risk Advisory

Providing quality solutions at Risk Advisory goes beyond knowing the rules and regulations. Our professionals help us to stay one step ahead of others by bringing constant innovation to the job, and build solutions that are more efficient, effective and forward thinking. At Deloitte Risk Advisory, innovation comes from talent like you and we will always encourage you to think out-of-the-box.  

Embracing innovation

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