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Why Deloitte?

Choose a career with impact

Deloitte China has been recognized as one of the “Top Employer China” for 11 years in a row. Our modern, well-designed workspaces and offices undoubtedly play a part in this achievement. But it’s the high value we place on our people, the high-tech that powers and connects all of us, and our high-touch approach to engaging with personal and professional development that really set us apart. We equip people to take advantage of the global nature of our work, and the diverse career and mobility opportunities that spring from it.


Work that makes an impact

Life at Deloitte offers much more than a collaborative career with international potential. With us, you’ll make an impact that reaches far beyond the complex projects we’ll tackle together. Your fresh ideas, new approach to problems and individual personality will challenge and inspire the people around you to work and think differently. And they’ll do the same for you, encouraging, supporting and coaching you to harness your creativity to deliver unique insights and sustainable growth for our clients, while making a positive difference to society and the wider economy.


Inspiring leaders at every level

Whichever business function you join, you’ll be trained to deliver to high standards in a supportive and connected environment that never stops changing and improving. In line with our high value and high touch approach to personal and professional development, you’ll have a structured career path, tailored to you. Along the way, you’ll be mentored by senior team members who’ll inspire you to keep a keen edge on your intelligence, and enhance your burgeoning industry knowledge.


Valuing individual ambitions

But achieving your ambitions doesn’t mean changing who you are or turning into a corporate clone. In fact, we want you to be authentically, 100% yourself. After all, who you are is what sets you apart. It’s what allows you to add your strengths to ours to create entirely new solutions and services. To share your most exciting ideas and thoughts which have never been thought before.

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