Learning and Development

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Learning and Development

Your learning at Deloitte is as unique and as mobile as you are!

We regard unfulfilled potential as waste bordering on tragedy - it’s anathema to our culture. Which is why a tailored program of continuous personal and career development features strongly within everyone’s individual Deloitte experience, irrespective of their seniority.

No two people are identical, so why should your training be the same? This means we can’t specify here exactly the training you’ll receive. Suffice to say it will be world-class in developing the global professional in you.

You’ll work with a mentor to first set a personal learning target and the number of hours you need to meet it within your first performance cycle (usually a year). The way you divide your training between technical and soft skills is up to you, so long as you work hard to meet your target.

Formal Learning

The Deloitte Institute gives you access to Professional Designation Support, plus over 8,000 E-Learning courses that you can link with your performance reviews. Our web-based Global Competency Learning Solution helps you develop two types of competencies: core, which are common across our firm; and specialised, which are unique to your particular function. Even experienced partners are required to engage in at least 40 hours of formal learning each year.

Informal Learning

On-the-job experience is a very effective learning tool. Think of the office as your classroom and every project an opportunity, with seasoned professionals guiding you, keeping you challenged and sharing their knowledge. The latter is common across the firm. You can use Deloitte Resource, our online portal, to tap into a rich reservoir of professional knowledge, and our more structured knowledge sharing often involves top leaders flying in to share specialist experience.

Learning and Development
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