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Learning nurturing growth

In our field, it’s crucial to be constantly in the know. At Deloitte, the investment in our professionals’ career leadership progression and expertise ensures top-notch team performance every time .

We understand that your development is an ongoing process. In addition to a solid base of continual and monitored Deloitte instruction, our Tax Learning Programme encompasses the core and tax technical skills you’ll require in your daily work. Offered via traditional instruction, independent e-learning or virtual classroom, as you move through the milestone stages of your career, you and your mentor will keep your personal learning targets on the right track, aligning those competencies best specialised to your unique function. And as you get closer to the top, those still doing the climb will look to you for advice and inspiration. 

Non-stop support at every step 

Tax Associate - Jump right in! Undergo training and development programmes that start to shape you as a professional adviser while learning the true meaning of teamwork via on and off-the-job experience.

Tax Senior - Gain even more in-depth and industry-specific knowledge on client management strategies while sharpening your communication, interpersonal, planning and organisation skills.

Tax Manager - Delve into crucial client liaison and portfolio management while taking on project planning and control, guiding, mentoring and evaluating team members and associates.

Tax Senior Manager and Director – Take part in major client acquisitions helping clients to achieve business objectives while minimising enterprise or project risks, build market eminence, identify opportunities and mentor group managers and other team members.

Tax Partner – Drive company growth by developing long-term profitable relationships with high value clients and exercise risk management while maintaining key CRM teams.

Getting to know your Deloitte Tax Career Path

Who could be better sources than seasoned professionals? Knowledge sharing at Deloitte is both systematic and personal. Regular tax news and analyses keep you in the know on the latest in the tax world including Dbriefs: informative and interactive 60-minute Webcasts covering an array of tax topics relevant to China and the Asia Pacific region that you can access anywhere, anytime. A first-in-the-market series in China, Dbrief’s 260+ webcasts have drawn an e-audience of nearly 77,000 since its inception in October 2006.

Access face-to-face sharing with our management knowledge sharing sessions dedicated to the newest acquisitions and project developments. And take part in hands-on learning with an international team of senior tax professionals with Asia Pacific International Core of Excellence. Offering up a “fresh approach” to the tax world, Deloitte’s AP ICE provides international tax consulting services to local and international companies. Sit in on client and target marketing meetings and observe creative problem solving at its best, or take part in day-to-day client service issues. 

Knowledge sharing 

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