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May Yang

Beijing Office | Audit & Assurance | Senior Manager
Host Country: Frankfurt, Germany


As a top student, what choices did you have when you graduated?

I did get many offers before my graduation; including the opportunity to continue my research and work as Associate Lecturer in Tsinghua University. Although my parents and professors all suggested me to stay in the university, I believed that I had already spent long enough time in the academic environment and I wanted to experience a different life. I would love to explore new things and new environments, rather than a routine life.

The same goes for work. I always look forward to new challenges, which is why I applied for the mobility program to Germany. To take this opportunity to enrich my experience, I made my application to my sponsor partner as soon as I was aware of the program and he was very supportive.


Many undergraduates would face the choices upon graduation: to pursue postgraduate studies or to find a job. Do you have any advice for them?

From the academic perspective, undergraduates are in general good enough to start the career. Many companies including Deloitte do not require postgraduate background. Postgraduate studies act more like a bridge to a doctorate. If you are not interested in further development on academic research or studies, it may not be the best choice for you. Your time is too precious to be wasted on something you don’t like. However, if you aspire to pursue a career that requires higher level of academic degree, then postgraduate studies would be necessary.

On the other hand, the approaches and methodologies you acquire during your postgraduate studies would be helpful to your job. The desire to explore and the vigor to concentrate on the tasks you learnt and experienced during the studies would also benefit your future career.

In summary, it is recommended that you consider it comprehensively to decide whether to pursue postgraduate studies or to find a job.


I heard that you were seconded to Hong Kong office during early years at Deloitte. Could you tell us the differences between working in Hong Kong and in Germany?

Yes. Whether you are a junior or a senior staff, as long as you are “high potential”, Deloitte will give you the opportunity to broaden your horizon and develop yourself.

I had just started my career when I was seconded to Hong Kong. This opportunity allowed me to observe and compare the features of different capital markets. The experience gave me a good reference to my following job.

Now in Germany, my work goes beyond performing audit deliverables to cross-functional collaborations. I am working with not only senior colleagues from different functions within Deloitte, but also many external enterprises seeking for M&A opportunities in Germany. I managed to obtain a more profound understanding of the differences between the capital markets, cultures, mindsets, and the way things are done in China and Europe, as well as the complexity of cross-border M&As and the growing economy of China. Such experience are of great benefits to both my professional development and my personal life.

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