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Angel Chiu - Audit & Assurance Partner, Hong Kong

Tell us a bit about what you do.

I am the partner in charge of Audit & Assurance Global Delivery Center (GDC) in China. What I do transforms Audit & Assurance Practice for the better, so every day I get to make an impact that matters

How did you get to where you are now?

I joined Deloitte in Hong Kong as an audit & assurance associate after I graduated. I was accredited as a Certified Public Accountant of Hong Kong and the USA, which meant that when I was offered a secondment opportunity in Princeton (USA) I could seize it with both hands. Engaging with the Global team and being exposed to strategic problem-solving transformed my career. I learned to communicate transparently and effectively in a culturally diverse environment – abilities that have undoubtedly prepared me for my current role.

What’s the best thing about working at Deloitte?

Deloitte is full of amazing possibilities and opportunities for everyone. We are all encouraged to take up the challenges that inspire us.

Has anyone ever inspired you at work?

When I was a first year manager, my mentor told me the key to understand people is to empathize with them – to feel who they are. This significantly changed my approach to managing people.

I manage a large organization, in which understanding, developing and inspiring people are crucial. There are many elements to do this well, but I always keep my old mentor’s advice at the front of mind when I’m working with my teams.

What is your top tip for working in your industry?

Be ready to embrace all of the opportunities that you encounter; there will be plenty. Auditing is a boundless platform to explore your talents, one that affords a unique opportunity to make an impact that matters.

Simone Li - Audit & Assurance Manager, Shanghai

Tell us a bit about your Deloitte career so far.

I’m currently an audit & assurance manager in the Shanghai office, but I first joined Deloitte as an audit & assurance associate in Hong Kong. However, I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world thanks to our Global Mobility Program – so far I’ve been to Mexico, Brazil and many cities in the US, including San Francisco, LA, Washington DC and New York, where I worked for 18 months.

Why did you choose Deloitte?

I've always wanted to experience different cultures and work internationally. Deloitte made that possible – and now I’ve worked in New York, one of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s a world away from Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the experience taught me how to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

How has the firm helped you grow?

I graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2007 with a major in tourism management. So when I decided to join Deloitte, most of my friends were surprised – and confused! They didn’t know you could become an auditor without an accounting background. But before I even started, the firm was investing in me with a three-month intensive conversion program. I’ve not stopped learning since.

What’s been your most memorable experience so far?

Once I was working with an IT start-up client in New York. The company was developing very fast and it was the first year for auditing, which made for a huge challenge. My small team and I partnered closely with the client to meet the deadline. It was a difficult project, and when the audit & assurance was completed I was invited to the board of directors meeting. That was a real achievement for me, and I learned a lot. I actually still keep in touch with my manager on that engagement. 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in your industry?

Don't be afraid to ask questions; be humble and take every opportunity to learn. I’ve faced challenges and thought about giving up, but I’ve always had someone to talk to at work. We’re all human – and your manager, mentor or teammate cares what you’re going through. If you speak out, people will help. 

Alice Ling - Audit & Assurance Associate, Guangzhou

Why did you choose Deloitte?

I joined Deloitte in 2014 as my first job after I graduated. I majored in international economy and trade and, when I first joined, I was driven by growing my own knowledge and professionalism. But now that I’m part of the Generation Young Council, I’ve started thinking more about what I can do for Deloitte – how I can shape the firm.

Why did you decide to join the Generation Young Council?

I heard about the council in the New Hire Orientation, and they posted a lot of useful advice for new hires on the Council WeChat account. So I knew what they did and wanted to be part of it. I wanted to connect with more colleagues from other offices, and exchange ideas and opinions. Ultimately, I wanted to have a positive impact.

What does the Generation Young Council mean for Deloitte?

Generation Young Council shares the voice of our generation with the firm. It gives management teams the chance to listen to our ideas and opinions on all sorts of things – right down to whether office renovations fit our working needs. It makes our organization more connected, more democratic.

Nathan Li - Tax Senior Consultant, Tianjin

Tell us about your career path

I joined Deloitte’s Tax team in Tianjin in 2014. Before that I had worked for another firm in Hong Kong. Deloitte is very different – for example, it’s rare for a company to consult their young people like Deloitte do with the Generation Young Council.

Why did you join the Generation Young Council?

A former representative invited me to join and I could feel his passion for the initiative. It seemed like a vibrant forum, full of ideas. I could also see the potential of the council as a communication channel between senior management and the next generation. Our generation has a lot of unique ideas, and they need attention. We need to be understood. And Deloitte does that.

What makes the Generation Young Council different?

There’s no hierarchy. I’ve been surprised at the seniority of the managers who get involved. Top leaders will come and listen to what we have to say. It’s very egalitarian and everyone respects the ideas of others. Even the way we communicate isn’t traditional – our emails and messages are much more authentic and exciting than you would expect.

Do you have any advice for people joining the industry?

Take advantage of as many international opportunities as you can. Or work across as many different areas as you can. The experiences you gain will brighten your career in ways you never expected.

Ziv Zhang - Consulting Consultant, Beijing

How did you come to work at Deloitte?

My first experience of Deloitte was in 2012, when I interviewed to join as a summer intern. I got a place on the program and, over the course of the summer, I spent time on consulting projects in strategy, operations, finance, technology and risk. The variety of the experience obviously stood me in good stead, as I was later invited to join the Consulting practice in Beijing as a Junior Business Analyst.

Tell us what being an intern was like.

As an intern I was involved in a lot of strategy and technology projects. Day to day, I carried out research and prepared materials for communications and pitches. I also had the chance to present to different teams and even communicate directly with clients. 

It was very interesting and exciting to meet with senior clients. Especially as we weren’t just discussing development and transformation strategies, but helping them achieve their future needs.

What skills and characteristics do interns need to succeed?

Above all, you need to be passionate about solving complex problems and generating great ideas. But you also need to be willing to learn. I think that practice makes perfect, so being able to learn on the job is key to succeeding in professional services. The more rounded your knowledge, the better your career will be. 

What memory stands out most from your internship?

I was very impressed by how my team worked, and how my counselor and teammates made time to teach me. Instead of just giving me instructions, they went through the background of each project and explained problems as well as possible solutions. It was a great way to get me thinking like a consultant.

What do you enjoy most in your current role?

The variety. I get to solve diverse problems across all sorts of different areas. I also love that there are plenty of opportunities to grow globally. We work very closely with teams across the world, and we have lots of opportunities to get involved on international projects. It’s always a challenge, but it’s also very exciting.

What role has Deloitte played in shaping your career?

I haven’t stopped learning since I started so, for me, Deloitte is a real continuation of university. Senior management are more than business leaders; they are my professors and friends. The advice I’ve received from my mentors and buddies has shaped my career and helped me tackle challenges. The mentorship program permeates the culture of the practice. It was pivotal to me as I made the transition from an intern to consultant.

Lynn Li - Tax Manager, Beijing

How have you grown your career with Deloitte?

I studied for a Master of Laws degree in the US before joining Deloitte in 2010. Since then, I’ve developed my talents in International Tax and Mergers & Acquisitions, both here on the mainland and through a secondment to our Hong Kong office.

What was it like working in Hong Kong?

I wanted to experience a different culture and an international work environment, so I didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity. Hong Kong has a reputation for hard work, and I was really impressed by the dedication of the team. The hours they work and the complexity of the projects they deliver demand respect. 

But my secondment wasn’t just about work – the people I connected with took me to BBQs, showed me the best places to eat and gave me thoughtful accommodation advice. They were really helpful – in fact, they still are.

How did your experience in Hong Kong help your career?

The work in Hong Kong was very similar to what I was doing on the mainland. However, being exposed to different tax issues and clients undoubtedly expanded my experience and enhanced my skills. Also, my people network has grown greatly. I can easily reach out to my Hong Kong colleagues when I need their assistance, and they can ask my advice too. We work together a lot better.

What is your top tip for growing a career in professional services?

Ask yourself what you can bring to your team and the client, and always think one step ahead. Never stop challenging yourself to be better, but strive to remain empathetic, tolerant and compassionate.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Deloitte?

The talented people and the challenging work make for a great environment. To excel here, you need to be ready to learn every day, both from people and from the work you do. The firm recognizes that developing at the same pace as our industries isn’t easy, so we’re encouraged to strike the right balance between enjoying life and growing a sustainable career.

Steve Wong - Risk Advisory Manager, Hong Kong

Why did you choose Deloitte?

I chose Deloitte because of their unique blend of business and technology. I had majored in Computer Science and interned with a world-famous technology company, but Deloitte provided me with the right level of support required to help me transition into a business career. This was apparent from the start when I undertook an intensive 12-week conversion program, which gave me essential training as well as assistance in gaining professional qualifications.

What is your current role?

I am a Manager within the Technology Risk team, part of Deloitte Risk Advisory in Hong Kong. We provide technology risk and cyber security consulting services to financial institutions and leading listed companies. Every day, I advise senior clients and executives on a wide variety of technology risk and compliance issues.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The challenge of working at the intersection of Risk, Regulatory and Technology has provided me with many unique experiences in a sector that’s always introducing new and sophisticated concepts. I’m constantly widening my knowledge across different clients, engagements and industries. But the thing I love most about my job is the flexible and inclusive environment at Deloitte. The firm values our talents but we also bring out the best in each other. It’s more than work; it’s friendship.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Deloitte?

There are unlimited opportunities to grow at Deloitte. Every few years, you can develop into a different position and gain new skills. You can grow your career very quickly, and you’ll have the freedom to design and drive your own career path. I’ve found that if you work hard to realize your potential, there are no limits to how far you can grow. 

Our clients are some of the biggest brands in the world, and we solve their most complex problems. But bigger challenges mean bigger opportunities. And the sheer variety of opportunities and perspectives you’re exposed to at Deloitte can only be good for your career.

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