Life at Deloitte


Shea Yu, Senior Consultant

Can you tell us about your background and what area of Deloitte you work in?

I graduated from the Taxation School of the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing with a major in International Taxation in June 2018, and joined the Deloitte Tax team in October. I am a "Deloitte baby" and am now a Senior Consultant in the Transfer Pricing Team, providing clients with services including tax planning, transfer pricing compliance, and advance pricing arrangements.


What do you love about being a tax advisor?

Solving problems for different clients at any time requires me to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Though my busy life brings me challenges, I have enjoyed major achievements and new experiences in which I challenge myself every time.


What two things about your team surprised you?

My team is very supportive to new joiners. When I first joined, they understood my situation of being new, and accepted the mistakes I made. They valued my strengths and helped to guide me to accelerate my future.

The women leadership I saw in the team broke the "secondary role" stereotype. They are "girls that can do everything". This is what attracted me – I can always see possibilities and opportunities to break the "glass ceiling".


What three words describe the future of Tax? 

Change, innovation, challenge.


What are your top three tips for new graduates?

See more. Listen more. Ask more.

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