Life at Deloitte


Terrence Chu, Manager

Can you tell us about your background and what area of Deloitte you work in?

I'm Terrence and I studied my Bachelor's at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology with a double major in Marketing and Operations Management. I started my career in supply chain business process re-engineering, but wanted something faster paced with greater impact. I then joined Consulting with Deloitte Digital when I foresaw the importance of digitalization and wanted to be part of that transformation, being trusted to solve companies' most pressing problems.

I have collaborated with many other Consulting teams, including Technology Strategy & Transformation (TST), Strategy, Analytics & M&A (SAM), Core Business Operations (CBO), and Blockchain. One example is my collaboration with SAM, CBO, and Human Capital on two projects: Organization Design and Change Management Strategy & Design. This gave me opportunities to learn more from others.


Describe your team in one sentence

We are the innovative disruptor, helping clients come up with new ideas to accelerate their digital transformation and adapt to the future of work.


Name an exciting experience on your digital journey

An interesting experience I had was helping a client expand their business to a new market and country. We helped them with strategy and design to build digital capabilities at the regional level and execute locally. As a result, we helped launch a product in a new market.


What are your top three tips for new graduates?

  • Don't be shy to ask for help. People here are happy to help you, as long as you have done your homework
  • Networking. You will work on many projects and collaborate with a lot of great people. Throughout my projects, I have made many sincere friends that I meet outside work.
  • Manage your expectations. There is hardship and it can be stressful, but you can truly make an impact and make things happen.

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