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Tip 2: Making an impact in a video interview

Today, many organizations are using video interviews. Before attending a video interview, please remind yourself that this is the same as in-person interview and should be taken just as seriously.


  • Find a quiet and undisturbed space
  • Dress formally, and try to avoid any clothing with patterns as it can look distorted on camera
  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting
  • Test the system environment before actually attending the interview
  • Ensure your device is fully charged
  • Doing a test before the interview is always good to ensure your feel comfortable

During the video interview:

  • Connect to the video link five minutes before the interview
  • Read or listen clearly to questions and pay attention to the time limit if it's a one-way video interview
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera and keep smiling
  • Maintain good posture
  • Speak confidently about your experiences
  • If it's a recorded interview, make sure your video has been successfully submitted before closing your browser

Be prepared and be calm.  

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