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Deloitte is committed to creating a dynamic, diverse and inclusive workplace and an environment with respect and mutual trust. We enable our people to achieve work and life unity through Flexible Work, New Generation Workplace and other humanized measures; we help our talents excel by building an innovative digital learning platform and well-established learning and development support. Here, outstanding talents not only have broad career growth opportunities, but also have exposure to global network which supports them develop international vision and realize self-value. At the same time, we cherish the value created by each person, therefore providing competitive compensation and benefits. What's more, we extend the vision of wellbeing to Deloitte people's families, to give all-round support and protect their physical and mental health, supporting them to become better selves and achieve a better life.

Compensation and Benefits

Our Total Rewards not only include financial rewards such as fixed salary and incentive bonus, but also various monetary or non-monetary benefits and incentive plans, such as social insurance, various commercial insurance, exam bonus, qualifying premium and travel allowance etc. We also offer a variety of wellness programs, such as varied leave scheme (annual leave, study and exam leave, charitable 8 hours etc.), to encourage talents to devote themselves to hobbies outside of work and pursue personal growth. At the same time, we also have Service Awards, Cultural Awards and Talent Ambassador programs to encourage Deloitte culture practitioners and recognize the contributions of our talents.

Physical and Mental Health

Every year, we arrange health check to help our people monitor their health status. We provide funding and venue support for our talents to form interest clubs, such as sports club, parenting club, mental health club and so on. We also organize physical and mental health workshops, inviting professionals to share their knowledge and practical skills and conducting webcast on various topics, including physical and mental health, emotional management, parent-child interaction etc. We also provide a 24-hour EAP counseling hotline, with experienced professional counselors to help our people cope with a variety of problems at work and in life.

Growth and Development

To help our talents excel, we have a national Learning and Development Department, which provides life-time learning programs with well-established policy support, such as professional designation support, exam leave and career milestone courses, to assist talents in knowledge and skills improvement and career progression. In addition, Deloitte is always seeking for opportunities to develop our people globally, such as internal transfer and global mobility opportunities, where talents can choose to grow within their own department, or cross-departmental/regional development. We also help our talents achieve their career goals and broaden their horizons by providing a variety of career paths and development opportunities.

Family Caring

The Firm hopes to extend the vision of Wellbeing to every Deloitte family, so we provide competitive benefits for our talents' family members, such as Firm-sponsored commercial medical insurance for employees' spouse and children, and Deloitte Exclusive Parents & Employee Critical Illness Insurance Plan. We also extend our diversified health benefits programs to every Deloitte family, such as health tips and webinars, psychological counseling, and ISOS services. At the same time, we provide support in terms of finance, time and work in the event of domestic misfortunes, to assist them go through the life difficulties.

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