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Life at Deloitte

Sharing from Members

Hear from our people

At Deloitte, we strive to provide a fulfilling and rewarding place to build a career like no other. Hear what our employees have to say about some of the opportunities and challenges of working here as an intern.

Sharing from Deloitte Club-Mainland Members

  • " By the time I joined Deloitte Club, I had been determined to pursue accounting and therefore had known what I wanted to do with my life. Such single-minded focus drove me to win an internship at Deloitte, which also seamlessly led to my first post-undergraduate position." 
  • "If there is a will, there is a way. Cherish every opportunity and make as much effort as you can to explore your unique characteristics, and then exploit them. I believe success is within everyone's reach."
  • "What benefited me most is the experience of engaging in a simulation of real life business within a short month. I was involved in practically the whole process, from the most basic routine work (such as document printing and ordering) to the operation and performance of the case. And in this way, I gained understanding and insight in real life business. "
  • "My expectations about a career and a firm never became so close and so real; and the relationship with colleagues and working atmosphere even far exceeded my expectation. That was, the unique attraction of Deloitte to me."
Sharing from Deloitte Club-Mainland Members

Sharing from Deloitte Club-Hong Kong

Through the year, the Deloitte Club organizes manifold activities for our members, including workshops, ambassador programs, networking activities and the like. Let's hear what our members think about some of our events.

Event Organizing Workshop

  • “A "must attend" workshop for socializing with others”
  • “Very useful and beneficial in the long run”
  • “An interesting, interactive and inspiring workshop”
  • “Active, lively explanation and sharing with a lot of examples”
  • “Examples are useful and practical”
  • “Effective interaction within the class” 

Ambassador Programs

  • "Through the programs, you get a valuable chance to work with and learn from elites from different universities in Hong Kong"
  • "You also get a fascinating experience to organize activities that you don't usually
    have a chance to"
  • "Develop skills that are outside of textbooks"
  • "Gain priceless friendship and network"
  • "It gave us a golden chance to let us, the energetic youngsters, to serve the community"
  • "It gives me a great exposure to the accountancy profession as well as the great team culture of the company"

Networking Activity – Dialogue in the Dark

  • "It is very special and inspiring to experience complete darkness. I can only rely on the instructor for his guidance. His clear instructions made me feel safe but the reality disappointed me. What I am afraid of is not darkness, but the betrayal by the person I trusted. "
  • "This is a valuable experience for me to know more about life in the dark. For 75 minutes, I 'lost' my visual abilities. Blindfolded, I fumbled around trying to understand what it is like to live with that disability. The exercise helped me realize how we always solely rely on our sense of sight and ignore other senses such as hearing, smell and touch. This experience definitely inspires me to feel our feel using other senses."
Sharing from Deloitte Club-Hong Kong Members
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