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Meet Consulting Team

Diversity and Excellence go hand-in-hand

At Deloitte, our teams are made up of experts from a range of specialties and different backgrounds. No matter what they do, we have a common goal – work together ‘as one’ and always strive for excellence.

Our business is built on teamwork. Whether it is teamwork across business lines and areas to produce integrated solutions to our clients, or teamwork among consulting colleagues for in-depth analysis of the client situation, our teams are always built on diversity. At Deloitte Consulting, we have practitioners from around the world. The nature of the consulting business draws talents from a broad range of majors and schools, with over 40% holding a master degree. Regardless of your background, you will be welcomed with open arms for your own knowledge and skill set, which will ultimately, drive us towards excellence.

Collaboration allows us to learn from each other and behave ‘as one’. The ‘As one’ culture has been implemented since 2010. More than anything, it represents how we work together as a single team towards a common goal. In time of tight deadlines or difficult client issues, there will always be colleagues ready to help you in every way they can. 

Teamwork and the ‘As one’ culture

More importantly, when you join Deloitte, you can be sure of inspiration and guidance from strong leaders. The members of Deloitte China Consulting’s executive committee are widely recognised for their rich experiences and achievements. Norman Sze (Managing Partner) and Joe Buccilli (Senior Executive Officer) each holds 20+ years of experience. Each of the partners is a prominent member of the industry. Norman Sze - with 17 years consulting experiences in China alone is known as the ‘oldest consultant’ in the market and is currently serving as special advisor to the mayor of Shanghai.  

Leadership and market eminence

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