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Life at Deloitte

Meet Tax Team

Staying on top ‘as one’

At Deloitte, our business is built on teamwork. More than anything, it represents how we work together as a single team towards a common goal. In times of tight deadlines or difficult client issues, there will always be a colleague ready to help you in every way they can.

Whether it’s teamwork across business lines and categories to produce integrated solutions to our clients, or teamwork among colleagues for in-depth analysis of the client situation; it’s our collaborative ‘As One’ culture that truly defines who we are as a company.  

Working together ‘as one’ 

When you join Deloitte Tax, you can be sure of inspiration and guidance from strong leaders, who just like you, once started as hard-working Tax Associates.

Deloitte Tax leaders hold a strong reputation in today’s market. Their skills and leadership are highly valued by their clients both in China and around the globe. We’re proud of our numerous thought leadership programmes that have helped mould our leaders into who they are today.

Our tax professionals regularly speak at symposiums of leading tax, business and academic organisations across China. 

Strong team, strong leaders 

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