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Your Total Rewards

Be recognised, be rewarded

Our approach to rewards has increasingly focused on providing distinctive and competitive ‘Total Rewards’. Total Rewards cover your base pay, bonus opportunity, substantial benefits packages, cutting edge learning and development, extensive career development opportunities and a supportive environment ripe for success.

We strive to reward and recognise our top talents to attract, retain and motivate high performing individuals. Our compensation philosophy is to ‘pay for performance’. We pay our strong performers competitively in the professional services industry; and pay our top performers top-of-the-market salaries. We ensure that our total compensation package including base salary, performance bonus and allowance is competitive in today’s market. 

Compensation philosophy 

Beyond performance-based compensation, acknowledgment for the work of our people and their potential is also established in our recognition programme. Recognition is more than a compliment from your manager, or that tap on the shoulder from your team members at times of need. Our special recognition programme – the Green Dot Award Programme – is designed to recognise individual excellence in a flexible and timely manner. From day-to-day acknowledgment to Green Dot awards, Deloitte prides itself in having nurtured a culture of recognition and appreciation. 


‘Total Rewards’ goes beyond dollar signs. We recognise your need for protection, benefits, learning and development opportunities, and most importantly, career-life flexibility. We provide a Total Rewards package that includes not only compensation, but our extensive learning and development programme, a supportive environment and world-class opportunities, as well as comprehensive benefit offerings such as health management programmes and generous leave entitlements. This positions us competitively in the market from a “total reward” perspective allowing us to deliver top-of-the-market packages to our best people. 

Reaching the balance 

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