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Choose a career with impact

Deloitte China has been recognized as one of the best employers in China by the Top Employers Institute for 13 years in a row. Our modern, well-designed work environment plays a part in this achievement. But it’s the high value we place on our people, the technology that powers and connects us, and our high-touch approach to team members' personal and professional development that really set us apart. Our inclusive culture fosters collaboration to ensure we reach common goals. At Deloitte, you'll benefit from our global perspective, and the diverse career and location opportunities that spring from it.


Work that makes an impact

Life at Deloitte offers much more than a collaborative career with international potential. With us, you’ll make an impact that reaches far beyond the complex projects we’ll tackle together. Your innovative ideas, delivered from your unique perspective, will inspire the people around you to work and think differently. You'll been powered to speak and act without fear of failure, meeting challenges and difficulties head on. With the encouragement and support of team members and their diverse perspectives – and the opportunity to take part in our digital training and innovation workshops – together we'll deliver unique insights and paths to sustainable growth for our clients, making a difference to the economy and society.


Inspiring leaders at every level

Whichever business function you join, you’ll be encouraged, supported and coached to harness your creativity and challenge the status quo, helping our clients understand the issues they face, to adapt and thrive in a changing world. In line with our high value, high touch approach to talent development, your career path will be tailored to you. You’ll be mentored by senior team members who lead by example, not only inspiring you to keep your mind sharp and continuously enhance your industry knowledge, but also to maintain work-life balance.


Valuing individual ambitions

Achieving your ambitions doesn’t mean changing who you are. We want you to be authentically, 100% yourself. After all, who you are sets you apart, and it's by adding those unique strengths to ours that we're able to create new, innovative solutions and services for our clients. We encourage staff from different backgrounds to participate in different projects. This true-to-self, collaborative environment – backed by our extensive knowledge base – encourages you to share your most exciting ideas, enabling us to achieve common goals.


Inclusive, connected

Individually, our people are talented. Together, they’re exceptional. Our success relies on connections and collaborations to create diverse insights. Whatever your level, talent or expertise, you'll be encouraged to contribute your intuition and imagination as well as intellect. Backed by our extensive resources, you'll strengthen the Deloitte network and boost your leadership potential, having a positive impact on our clients.


Wellness matters

Deloitte supports your wellbeing in mind, body and purpose. Our employee assistance services, prevention and promotion sessions help you sustain performance, creativity and relationships. Our health newsletters, assessments and workshops help you balance physical, activity, rest and nutrition, enriching you, your family and community. And through our Staff Club, GenY Council, Women of Impact and other initiatives, you'll have opportunities to connect with purpose to elements of community and society that matter to you.

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