Applying Tips


Applying Tips

Tips for Success

First impressions are important. Your appearance is important, even when submitting an application. Here are some helpful tips for you to review to be sure you’re fully prepared to submit an application towards a successful career at Deloitte. Good luck!

Online Application Tips


Preparation before registration

Before you start to registration, we would like to remind you:

  • Prepare a username (your email address) and a password. We highly recommend you to apply for a public email account if you don’t have, e.g. Gmail, rather than a school email account. To make sure you won’t miss any correspondences in future, please follow the instruction here to make our sender into your mailbox white list.
  • Prepare soft copy of your Chinese and English resume with Word or Excel or PDF format. (Chinese resume is optional for Hong Kong and Macau applicants). And an updated transcript copy in PDF or JPG format is also requested.
  • Internet Explorer and FireFox are recommended for completing your application.


You will need to register using our online application system. After registration, you will receive a log-on and password to access the system in the future and track your application.

If you have already had an account before August 15th 2015, please re-register a new account.

Application form - Take your time

You don’t have to complete your application in one go. You can save your application and come back later. Just make sure you remember your registered email address (log-on) and password.

1. Location/position preference

During the submission process, you will be asked to choose your location preference. Once your choice is made, your preference will be remembered/recorded and set for the rest of your application. Please choose only one location of interest, and think carefully about where you fit best matching your skills and qualifications. In most cases, you won’t be interviewed for multiple functions or offices.

2. Why am I receiving the error message:"The ID is already registered. Please check if you have applied for other posts recently."

Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

Perhaps you have applied for other posts in Deloitte within one recruitment cycle. In this case, you cannot apply at this time. An applicant can only apply once within each recruitment cycle of Deloitte China’s campus recruitment programs (internships included). The recruitment cycle starts from August 15th of this year until August 14th of next year. Please wait until the next recruitment cycle to re-apply.


You will be asked to attach a copy of your English and Chinese resume to the online system. The system only accepts files in DOC or PDF format. Please prepare accordingly.

1. Can I revise my CV after submission?

If the status of your CV is ‘submitted’, we’re afraid you cannot make any further modifications. If your CV status is ‘not submitted’, feel free to log into the system and edit as necessary.

2. How do I upload my resume?

You will be asked to attach one copy of your English and Chinese resume onto the online system. The system only accepts files in DOC, EXCEL or PDF format. Please prepare accordingly. And an updated transcript copy in PDF or JPG format is also requested.

Contact Us

If I have encountered any technical issues with the online application, who can I contact to ask for help?

The problem may have been caused by system time-outs, screen freezes or browser incompatibility issues. In that case, please write to, and note your application number in the subject line.


Online Application Tips

Online Written Test Tips


Shortlisted candidates who have passed CV screening will be invited to take online test as part of the recruitment process.

Deloitte China has adopted Ability Test, Situational Judgment Test and Occupational Personality Test in campus recruitment selections.

Ability Test

The Ability Test includes Verbal Reasoning Ability Test, Numerical Reasoning Ability Test and Logical Reasoning Test.

1. Verbal Reasoning Ability Test

The Verbal Reasoning Ability Test evaluates the candidate’s ability in understanding the logic of various arguments in written format. Qualified candidates are expected to quickly and easily assimilate complex written information and draw accurate conclusions.

2. Numerical Reasoning Ability Test

The Numerical Reasoning Ability Test measures the ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical data. The tested ability is highly relevant to a range of professional jobs involving data analysis.

3. Logical Reasoning Ability Test

The Logical Reasoning test measures a candidate’s ability to draw inferences from, and understand relationships between various concepts (logical reasoning ability). It provides an indication of how an individual will perform when asked to perform tasks that involve working out the pattern(s) in a set of images, and identifying the correct next image from the given options.

Situational Judgment Test

The situational Judgment Test assesses how a candidate would handle situations in the job he/she is applying for and the ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations.

Occupational Personality Test

The Occupational Personality Test measures how a candidate will perform in a given role, based on preferred behavior.

Contact Us

If you have encountered any technical issues with the online test, you may directly contact Help Desk druing the test peak season:

• China ML: /+86 21 3129 6577

• SCHK: +852 58080421 (from 15th August until 25th October)


Online Written Test Tips

Interview Tips

Do your homework

A successful effort begins with preparation. Take a look around and learn as much as you can about who we are and what we do.

Make an impact

Dress for the occasion. Be sure to shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact. During the interview, sit up and stay focused.

Be confident

An interview is a good measurement of how you handle pressure. The best advice is to be yourself.

Ask questions

A good interview means good interaction. Of course, we’d like to know everything about you, but we’d be delighted if you want to know everything about us as well. Make sure you've prepared a list of questions that we may not have addressed.

Sell yourself

Your qualifications got you in the door. Make sure you can speak confidently about any experiences you've had in the workplace and in the classroom. We see potential in you, so be sure to sell yourself by promoting your skills and abilities.

Get clarification

If you don't understand a question, ask us to repeat it. You have a better shot at giving your best answer if you know exactly what we're asking.

Interview Tips