Deloitte Alibaba Ecosystem Empowers MNCs “China for China”

Publish Date: 6 May 2023

On 3 June, Deloitte invited the China and Asia Pacific CEOs of multinational companies (MNCs), together with the Shanghai Foreign Investment Association (SHFIA), to visit Alibaba Group in Hangzhou. Deloitte and Alibaba established this high-profile platform to facilitate MNCs’ digital journeys by sharing advanced technologies and key trends in digitalization and intellectualization with their CEOs and jointly exploring opportunities in big data, Internet of Things (IoT), logistics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ESG in the current market environment. 

During the visit, Deloitte, Alibaba, and the invited CEOs mainly focused on the topics of how cloud computing enables digitalization and intellectualization, how the digital economy and real economy can be integrated to improve efficiency and quality, and rich case studies that demonstrate the sustainable path for enterprises’ successful development. 

Danial Zhang, chairman and CEO of Alibaba and president and CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, set out the advances in enterprises’ digital journey towards intellectualization – including how AI is forming a new service paradigm through the enhanced leverage of foundation models. Alibaba Cloud is committed to popularizing cloud computing and computing power as a public service, and to making AI more inclusive for public use to boost digitalization and intellectualization across all industries. 

(Danial Zhang, chairman and CEO of Alibaba and president and CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, exchanges gifts with Stanley Dai, Deloitte China deputy CEO, chief strategy officer, and Deloitte Consulting China national managing partner.)

Stanley Dai, Deloitte China deputy CEO and chief strategy officer and Deloitte Consulting national managing partner, indicated that it is of substantial importance and urgency for MNCs to embark on their digital transformation and innovation journeys. With an increasing number of MNCs standing at a crossroads in deciding their priorities for digital operations, localization, and other key areas, digital transformation and innovation will play a critical role in helping MNCs achieve their vision of being “Rooted in China to better serve the China market”.

(Stanley Dai delivers a speech at the event)

As the event initiator and only professional services institution to provide intellectual support, Deloitte guided the CEOs in interactive discussions of emerging trends and frontier knowledge of digitalization. By sharing a wide variety of industry-leading practices and hands-on experience, Deloitte helps MNCs accelerate business results and amplify impact in their industry and across the digital ecosystem. 

Around 40 China and Asia Pacific CEOs participated in the visit, representing MNCs in sectors including automotive, consumer products, manufacturing, energy, chemical, life sciences and healthcare, real estate, financial services, high technology, and professional services.

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