Content and Commerce 

Content is the media that educates, inspires, motivates, and entertains consumer. No matter which form the content is, it should aim to create an impact on consumers. Where to host the content is another important consideration. When content is aligned and works together across channels, the ‘chain’ of content can deliver a better customer experience. 

‘Links’ in the chain do not work in isolation – a call may lead to an online form, a web page may lead to downloading an app. When those links become broken, it interrupts the customer experience.

At Deloitte Digital, we see eCommerce as a continuous journey of customer experience – it is about building an ecosystem that grows with customer understanding then becoming more relevant to better defined segment, eventually convert to customer satisfaction and generate more sales. We offer a series of solution, including mobile development, content management, eCommerce site development, creative design (UI/ UX), and digital engineering. 

It is a content-led ecommerce era, where customers are used to technology and with high expectation. When it comes to online shopping, customers don’t want to be sold to in an old-fashion and hard-selling way. Instead, they want to be given relevant information that can be useful to them and be given the time and space before the act of purchase.

This is why content marketing has come into play. It is a conversion-driving strategy used to attract, engage, and retain the targeted segments of audience/ consumer by creating and delivering relevant content. It also builds the brand awareness, identity, and set of values towards the audiences. Content marketing is an iterative process that improves customer experience over time.

Content and commerce should co-exist, and be combined into a single platform to avoid siloed information, and to view and analyse the performances more effectively. The best practice of content and commerce is to use an easily integrated Content Management System (CMS) to help create this synergy, as well as to connect the inventory management system and eCommerce tools to your CMS platform where you can manage all the information contained on the eCommerce websites and the content published to other channels. 

The pace of online shopping landscape is dynamic and ever-changing, with emerging new technology, new platform, new trends happening every day. with Deloitte Digital, our experts with tremendous experience in this domain will work closely with you from strategy, to implementation, to operation, to creativity. 

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