Explaining Marketing can be overwhelming – it is an umbrella term that consists of marketing automation, loyalty marketing, customer data platform, content marketing, social engagement…All we know is marketers are no longer in the "Mad Men" Era. However, how do we navigate the new marketing landscape?

At Deloitte Digital, we see Marketing as the cross-functional glue of customer experience. Modern Marketers need to collaborate with the advertising team to operate integrated marketing and advertising technology stacks. We also need to work with the service teams to provide witty and timely responses to inquiries, or sometimes crises, on social media. Don't forget the commerce team and sales team – modern marketers share common OKRs when it comes to account-based marketing programs. We all juggle the responsibilities of advertising, sales, and customer service to provide a holistic customer experience. 

Another marketing trend we at Deloitte Digital advocate is providing a better customer experience through data-driven personalization. Data is the new oil, and we need this oil to lubricate customer experience across channels. With abundant customer data, proper data unification as well as artificial intelligence, modern marketers can provide a fully personalized experience, from email to social medial, from offline to online, to every valuable customer. With great power comes great responsibility, modern marketers also need to safeguard data privacy in parallel to gain customers' trust and loyalty. 

Real-time engagement across channels is another marketing trend we at Deloitte Digital strive for. Personalization without interaction is merely one-sided communication. Not only do modern marketers tell a story, but we also create the story with our customers. We adapt marketing strategy and tactics based on customer interactions, empowered by a robust real-time interaction engine. 

We understand the modern marketing landscape is dynamic yet sometimes volatile. This is why we are here for you. Our in-house experts will guide you through strategy formulation, implementation, and operations.

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