Global Trends to 2030

Impact on Ports Industry

The report

"Global Trends to 2030 - Impact on Ports Industry" is one of the important shipping & ports thought leadership delivered by Deloitte Netherland team and translated by China team. The report selected nine drivers and trends that will shape the future of the industry, including that of macro economy, socio demographic factors and new technologies. Shipping & Ports companies could seek for valuable advice of success in the report.

Viewpoints / key findings

The report consists of three parts, i.e. "Trends & developments in past decade", "Global drivers to 2030" and "Port trends to 2030". Consolidation and rationalization in the ports, shipping and stevedoring industry is the main landscape shaped from last decade. In the past decade, global supply chains have emerged, focus has shifted from port performance to supply chain performance. Another main trend is that ports have been at the forefront of adopting sophisticated ICT solutions to optimize logistics.

The report proposed four drivers that change the context in which organizations operate. Each driver represents a shift in demographics, society, technology, or the economy that impacts the future. Under the overall global context, the team selected nine drivers & trends that will shape the future of global ports and shipping, including:

  • Globalization, demographic growth and scarcity of natural resources
  • Energy transition and bio based economy
  • Digitalization of logistics
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Security
  • Knowledge intensive labor market
  • Further integration of supply chains
  • Increasing scale of transport
  • Sustainability
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